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Whiskers on Kittens January 13, 2010

I love musicals, as I have mentioned a couple of weeks ago (actually it was last year!), and I wanted to visualise the first lines of the song “My favourite things” from “The Sound of Music” for a while now. If you missed the “Raindrops on Roses” post, click here to read it. The funny thing with this series is, that every single picture seems to take time to “mature”, and then, suddenly – BAM – the right ingredient comes along my way and I can finish putting it together. This happened with the rose gown and similarly, I have been thinking for ages what to do for the “Whiskers on Kittens” line.

I teleported into Neko stores, looked at cat skins and avatars, but nothing really clicked with me. Yesterday evening I finally finished the WinterChoice! Creator Stamp Rally and got the cute white tiger avatar by **DP**yumyum. Today then it suddenly hit me, after Lizzie asked me how I would dress the kitten up: tiger – big cat – kitten – whiskers! I was slightly disappointed when I realised that the tiger avatar did not have any whiskers. But not all was lost, because in my inventory there was lurking the adorable Mrs Mittens hair by Clawtooth, which comes with – you will have guessed it – a tiny animated kitten. Awww!

Whiskers on Kittens

CSR finishes on the 18th January, so you still have a few days to get the tiger avatar and other prizes. If you join the “Choice!” group, you can pick up a stamp card for free (check their website for detailed instructions). After summoning all this kitten power, I spent the next two hours looking for the right dress. I often have a blurry image in my mind and then get really frustrated teleporting from one shop to the other, not finding anything close to what I want. I was close to calling it a day when I discovered this dress at “Casa del Shai” and instantly fell in love with it. I don’t think I have ever paid that much for a dress but this one was just perfect and I had to have it! It comes in four different patterns and I went for the grey tweed version. As a side note, this dress comes only with a system skirt, but also includes gloves which I didn’t wear (they didn’t go well with the paws).

Whiskers on Kittens

The rubber duckie umbrella by Rotten Toe has been sitting in my inventory for a while, just waiting for this occasion. It comes with different colours and a holding animation. For this picture however I used one of StorIn’s umbrella poses (see Juicybomb’s post here). Finally I teleported to Trilogy Raintown, a quirky little shopping district with its own underground station and, as the name says, with rain.

Voilà – these are a few of my favourite things!

White Tiger avatar by **DP*yumyum, CSR gift – http://edelweiss.sc/choice2009w/
Siobhan Dress Grey Tweed by *Shai* [SLURL].
Duckie Umbrella by Rotten Toe [SLURL].
Hair Mrs Mittens – Girl Next Door by Clawtooth [SLURL].
Umbrella 15 pose pack by StoRin [SLURL].
Second pose: “*Luth* expression 2” by Reel Expression [SLURL].
Location: Trilogy Raintown [SLURL].


4 Responses to “Whiskers on Kittens”

  1. Tarissa Tripsa Says:

    It was about time that you got the tiger avatar!
    The umbrella is cute, always something to play or even snack 😉

  2. O-M-G this is too cute for words!

  3. Thanks so much, guys! *shares an orange rubber duck with you*

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