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Orchard in the sky January 26, 2010

Sometimes I use grid-wide hunts just for the purpose of finding new beautiful places rather than hunting for the actual gifts. This is exactly how I ended up at the Herbalys “Sky Orchard“. I teleported to a random shop and was a bit disappointed because it was located on a not very beautiful piece of mainland. I flew across it for a bit and suddenly saw a small piece of land that was totally overgrown with trees, plants, with a little stone house in the middle. When I entered the house I discovered that most of the things I saw outside in the garden as well as the decoration inside was for sale. I hadn’t heard of this store called “Herbalys” before but I really liked the range of home decoration items. There was also a landmark pointing to the “Sky Orchard” and I curiously followed it – just to end up at this beautiful fantasy island in the sky.

Herbalys Sky Orchard

Being a Winter Angel Otter that day clearly had been the right decision because this avatar fitted so well into this fairytale-like landscape. I will be eternally grateful to Further Monday for showing me Risusipo Jun’s store at the Magic of Oz sim. If you haven’t been there yet, be warned. There is a high chance of death by Cute Overload when you see the tiny otter and chipmunk avatars for the first time!

Winter Angel

This is a glimpse of the store interior, which is located in the cave under the big tower. Almost everything you see here is available in the shop for a reasonable price. Most of the items are sculpted and therefore low prim and I immediately fell in love with the cute owl sitting on the shelf. By the way, the yellow candle on the table is a free gift.
Herbalys Shop

If you look closely at the first picture you can see a small blue door in the lower part of the island, which houses one of the most adorable clubs I have ever seen in SL. I love its organic feel, the glowing plants and the music notes streaming from the loudspeakers. ­čśÇ

Herbalys Club

Time to relax, little otter!

Chilling Otter

Teleport to Herbalys Sky Orchard Shop and Club here [SLURL].
Winter Angel Otter by :Risusipo: [SLURL] or on XStreetSL .


One Response to “Orchard in the sky”

  1. What a fabulous find! The pics are lovely!

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