Who let the dorks out?

My Bloody Valentine February 10, 2010

If you love Valentine’s Day items that are very unique and a bit gory (OK, “a bit” might be an understatement), you should check out the “My Bloody Valentine” charity event organised by the “Hot for Zombies” group. 100% of all proceeds go to the Red Cross for the Haitian Relief effort. Due to RL reasons I didn’t manage to take as many pics as I wanted to, but I really hope that I will find a bit time before it finishes to show you more of the things I bought.

Dining with Further Monday

On my first tour I met the lovely Further Monday, one of the creators of Weather!…or not?, who was very appropriately dressed as a huge white albino rat. As you can see, we had a very yummy dinner together. The whole sim is so spooky and amazingly well built, and photographers will find plenty of eye candy and photo opportunities like this huge dining table with fun animations (Further’s head was actually spinning like mad). Further is wearing the “Weather!…or not?” blood-splattering umbrella and the brilliant skeleton “Arms of Kali” by Kras Alter (“gilded”). Both are charity items available at this event. At this point I was still in the process of accumulating unpacked boxes and therefore only wearing items from last year’s Halloween charity event. Credits can be found here.

Warm and cozy

Exploring the sim we found this cozy tree cave and took a break at the warm fire. If you look closely you can see the wonderful eyeball flowers by “Dead Designs” that Further carries in her arm.


Being a zombie does not mean that you have to let yourself go and be rotten and ugly. In fact it is far more effective to make a bit of an effort to look pretty – camouflage is the best way for a predator to attract its prey!

The skin by “Mango, Mango!” comes in a pack of three (plus a shape) and this one is actually the bloodiest. I love the teeth!. The cheeky “possession” dress was created by Marleen Vaughan (“coffeepot”) and is available in five different single colours or as a fatpack. The elegant skull hair ribbon and the skull shoes are from “Dead Design” and the flesh wounds by “Meat’n’More” add that little something to the whole look. The eyes “zombieRAWR” are part of a munsterpack by “Tacky Star”, which further includes vampire, Frankenstein and radioactive eyes (plus extra prim radioactivity) and the pose is the “zombiecrawl” pose by “gilded”. The hair is the only non-charity item in this picture, “Ana” by “Truth”.

Teleport to “My Bloody Valentine” here: SLURL.


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