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I <3 Thibedeau February 16, 2010

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If you ever miss the randomness and quirkiness of Burning Life, teleport to Thibedeau. The “Red Packet Hunt” brought me there and I didn’t know where to look first after I found the red envelope and stepped outside. A purple robot in front of a giant lego brick house! A Pratchett-like turtle with a shop on its back and in the background the scariest moon I have ever seen.


An icecream monster house, a frog with a crown, aliens invading the street…I LOVE it and I definitely will come back for more exploring.


Doing a hunt comes with an element of surprise after each teleport, as the sceneries change so quickly. “Whippet and Bucket” is located in a lovely landscape with an idyllic pond and a lot of animals. I wandered around for a while and felt very relaxed in the end.

Oh hai!

Going back to the Burning Life theme, “tomoto“‘s decoration reminds me of modern art installations I have seen both in SL and RL – only that the RL ones did not float as beautifully!


I stopped at this point because the last shop I visited did not participate and I did not know where to get the next landmark from. However, Anya Ohmai has now posted a cheat sheet in case get stuck somewhere during the “Red Packet” hunt: http://blog.ohmai.net/?p=87. Good luck!

Thibedeau [SLURL].
Whippet and Bucket [SLURL].
tomoto [SLURL].


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