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Home Sweet Home February 28, 2010

Just like in real life, your virtual home is your castle, a place where you relax, socialise and retreat to if things get too much. In a virtual world everybody has the opportunity to live in their dream home, be it a modern beach house, a quirky tudor-style cottage or a huge gothic mansion. The choices are endless and finding your dream house can be a time-consuming and frustrating activity. Fionna and I share a little piece of land and we regularly change our surroundings according to the seasons. When we both started to feel tired of our christmas decorations and the snow, we decided to have an early spring and put up a little cottage surrounded by flowers and trees. We spent a lot of time searching for cute houses and would like to share some of our findings with you.

Cottages by "Once Upon a Time"

Neither of us had been to the store “Once Upon a Time” before, but when we teleported there and saw these two houses, we instantly fell in love with them. We ended up buying “The Dune Shack” because we loved the light colours and especially the window seat (the cushions with several built-in poses and curtains need to be purchased separately). The house contains one room on the ground floor, which extends into the little porch on the side, and an attic room connected by stairs. Even though this was supposed to be a beach cottage, we didn’t rez all the stairs and therefore it looks perfectly fine in our garden.

We will probably go back in autum and get the “Distressed House”, because we loved that one as well, but its atmosphere is a bit darker. The house is full with the most adorable vintage furniture, all of which is for sale as well. The kitchen sink pictured on the bottom right for example comes with a menu and lets you select “clean dishes”, “big mess” or “clean”.


When looking for a house, the first place we always check is the “+mudshake+” sim. The “Sweet Cherry Cottage” was a hot contender because it has a porch on the left and a conservatory on the right. “The Shoe Shiner’s House” by Turnip, which comes in a range of different colours, was a bit too small for our needs (no, we did not get confused by the mini-sized demo available in the store, it really was too small). We loved the “Simple House” by MHC (only available on XStreetSL), but were not sure about its size either due to no available in-world demo. I only discovered “The Salvaged Cottage” today and it probably would have been a bit too small as well, but would be great for someone in need of a hideaway or a low-prim and cheap home (it is sold as promotion for L$50 at the moment).

Tatty's Garden Delights

If you are looking for something unusual you should check out “Tatty’s Garden Delights” for some of the most whimsical, dreamy and funny fantasy buildings I have seen in SL. I did not find any in-world demos, but the houses are so ridiculously cheap that the risk is minimal if you don’t like it after all. “The Boot House” looks like something taken directly out of a fairytale. A teleporter connects the three floors (the first two ones being in the actual shoe and the last one in the cottage on top) and the view from up there is just amazing. “The Hideaway River Cottage” is designed to sit on a hill top and comes with an adorable pond and moving watermill. The “Cat Face House” is a dollarbie and cheerfully silly – rezzing it makes me laugh everytime. Inside it has several soft furnishing and a cat-shaped oven to warm your little paws. And no, it doesn’t smell like fish inside. 😀

We hope that this small selection of cottages is of use to anyone and who knows, maybe it inspires you to have a change of scenery as well?

“The Dune Shack”, 72 prims, L$1250, by “Once Upon a Time” [SLURL] or [XStreetSL].
“Distressed House”, 107 prims, L$1900, by Once Upon a Time [SLURL] or [XStreetSL]
“Sweet Cherry Cottage”, 146 prims, L$1200 by +mudshake+ [SLURL] or [XStreetSL]
“The Shoe Shiner’s House”,161 prims, L$1500, by Turnip [SLURL] or [XStreetSL]
“Simple House”, 97 prims (85 only for the house), L$1260 by MCH [XStreetSL]
“Salvaged Cottage” by Bellies, 67 prims, L$50 (promo, normally L$300) [SLURL] or [XStreetSL]
“Boot House”, 151 prims, L$100, by Tatty’s Garden Delights [SLURL] or [XStreetSL]
Hideaway River cottage – L$50, 134 prims + 44 waterwheel/pond by Tatty’s Garden Delights [SLURL] or [XStreetSL]
Cat Face House, 60 prims, L$1 by Tatty’s Garden Delights [SLURL] or [XStreetSL]


2 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. What a great selection of houses! Thanks for doing this!

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