Who let the dorks out?

Byebye (pda) poses March 6, 2010

I was very sad when I heard that (pda) was going to stop selling poses. Izzy Bereznyak, Esme Milena and Samara Cioc have created some of the most elegant, sophisticated and sometimes just plain cool poses that I have seen on the grid. They are closing on Sunday night and until then you can get all poses for L$10 in a big closing sale (or two fatpacks with over 100 of Izzy’s and Samara’s poses respectively for L$1000 each). Here is a selection of my favourites that will hopefully convince you to teleport over there and splash out before they are all gone.

(pda) poses

A: I can’t find pleasure
B: Everything you touch becomes a crutch
C: Gallery pieces
D: Respectable
E: Nijinsky5

(pda) poses

F: Asleep on the snow
G: Huna Cosm
H: Might like you better
I: Young Lions

We bad apples

J: We bad apples

If you wanna see even more poses, check out these earlier posts by Bella:
Shoppin at the corner of 5th Oxford
Last chance for skinnage

I am going to miss (pda) poses terribly!

(pda) Fireplace

However, I am very excited about the new furniture pieces that Izzy has recently released, like this beautiful recycled fireplace with book stacks inside and several poses. I can’t wait to see what else he will create and wish him good luck for his new business!

Teleport to (pda) here.

Credits for the outfit in the pose pictures: Dress and hair by oyakin (SLURL) for the “Designers United Vaudeville” event, eyes by Miriel. These things are no longer available but as this post is about the poses I took the opportunity to feature them. Skin “N2 Elizabeth” by blowpop (SLURL), shoes “Rosette Black Velvet” by Persé (SLURL), lashes “seductress sculpted” by LeLutka (SLURL).


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