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Spring is here, let’s frolic in the flowers! April 4, 2010

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A virtual world is defined by the creativity, fantasy and talent of its residents. Our builders create the fundaments of such a world, the landscapes, houses, its flora and even its fauna. The designers make us look beautiful and enable our virtual selves to be whatever we want to be. But there is one group which tends to be a bit overlooked – the posemakers and animators. Imagine how your SL would look without them.

What would your SL be like without poses?

Beautiful avatars would stand in that beautiful world like scarecrows, watching the butterflies dancing over the meadows. We might be able to waddle right behind them with our noobish duck walk. Instead of ballroom dancing there would be only ballroom bumping-into-each-other in a desparate attempt to connect with each other. Couples could only sit next to each other and lovingly stare at each other from the corners of their eyes. It would be a beautiful world indeed, but at the same time a deadly boring one!

Hai butterfly!

This year, for the first time, posemakers have put together a Pose Fair (find more information here) to raise money for the charity Motivation , which does work in low-income countries to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities. I spent a few hours and lots of Lindens there and I am absolutely amazed by the huge variety of poses and creators (many of who I didn’t know before). The adorable butterfly pictured above for example is a donation gift by LAP and includes four different animations when worn.

Crazy Chick

Poses can turn us upside down, like this handstand by “aDORKable Poses”, which is part of a whole handstand set!

Bubble Dreamer

They enable us to visualise our favourite pastimes, our thoughts and our dreams.

Childhood memories

We need posemakers and animators as much as we need fashion designers and builders, so let’s celebrate them and give them our appreciation, and please don’t forget to credit them in your blog posts. Happy Easter everyone!

Egg costume and Ducky Boots by Fluid Furniture [SLURL] or XStreetSL (the costume is a bit cheaper here).
Skin “N2 Elizabeth tone A – 4.2 Granny Smith2” by blowpop [SLURL].
Hair “LLR726” by booN [SLURL].
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available) and lashes “Seductress” by LeLutka [SLURL].
Pictures were taken at Easter Spring Town [SLURL].

“Butt Finger” donation gift by LAP, “Upsa Daisy Dork” handstand pack by aDORKable Poses, “Bubble Dreamer Set” by snOok, “Dolly’s Balloon Pack” by !Avant, all available at the Pose Fair (please check out this website for more information and direct SLURLs).


4 Responses to “Spring is here, let’s frolic in the flowers!”

  1. Adorkable Peapod Says:

    Too cute! Thank you! ❤

  2. Sixtine Edenflower Says:

    where did you find this beautiful blue butterfly please ? (I forgot the LM :S)

  3. Paulina Says:

    Hi Sixtine,

    The butterfly was one of LAPs charity items at the Pose Fair, but the fair has closed now. I am not sure if it is still sold at the main store, maybe you could try it there (Long Awkward Pose) or IM the creator Dove Swanson.

    Paulina 🙂

  4. Mafy Says:

    Awwwww, I just stumbled across this post and it so put a smile on my face. Picture #3 makes me want to to steal you away to make a new promo for the costume, too cute!!

    Ty ❤

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