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The one which was supposed to be about fishies and ended up being a semi-farewell July 11, 2010

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I just realised that it has been exactly a month since my last post and I apologise for the long pause. I have been going through a phase where SL has lost its fascination for me and at this point I am not really sure if I will get it back. I just don’t feel the inspiration anymore to explore, put together outfits or take blog pictures. I log in, clear my messages, look at my inventory and then decide to log off again.

I have heard of many other residents of similar “age” (3 years) that they are going through the same and that this seems to be a common phase where people either take long breaks, leave or come back under a different account. For me it goes even deeper than that. SL has helped me through a very stressful phase in my life in which I often felt very low and, without noticing it at that point, retracted to this virtual world. It gave me an outlet to be creative, to get the kick of exploring new places and virtual art, to enjoy cheap online retail therapy. It provided me with a constant, the virtual home I am sharing with Fi, which always was peaceful and relaxing, and of course I met amazing people and other creative minds there.

Now things in RL have changed. Some stresses have ended, I have learnt to deal better with others. RL was very busy, I had a few health problems but I am now feeling better than I have felt in ages – and it makes me shy away from SL. I’d rather be out in the real world, enjoying the summer and the flowers, getting on top of RL duties and hobbies I neglected. A lot of SL things I used to spend hours doing now seem so unimportant and far away, almost like from a different life. Sometimes it is even a bit hard for me to understand why I spent so much time doing them (searching for the perfect pair of tights, for example). I keep in contact with my SL friends through Plurk and in the end those interactions now matter more to me than having an avatar and a virtual home – funnily enough, many of them do not log in much anymore either and use other social websites to keep in contact.

Maybe I subconsciously feel that coming back to SL might affect me in a negative way. SL can suck you in and time seems to fly much faster, as if two hours in RL equal half an hour in SL. I don’t want to “officially” leave SL, I am still too attached to my avatar for that, plus I am thinking of all the Lindens I invested! LOL. But I will officially go on an extended break. There might be a blog entry, or there might be none, and maybe bad weather in autumn will drive me back to the always sunny virtual world. But when I am honest with myself, maybe I don’t want to get that fascination with SL back after all and rather hold on to RL. We’ll see.

The one thing I feel very sorry about is that this phase coincides with “Operation Squeegee“, which so far managed to raise an incredible amount of L$830.000 (more than $3000) for the National Wildlife Foundation!! Unfortunately I was away for most of it and was hoping to do a long blog post this weekend, but for various reasons only managed this attempt to take up Ariel Wingtip’s Operation Squeegee Blogger challenge. The original challenge includes the squeegee, but I fell in love with the fish and decided to use it instead. 😀 You can get the free antlers in a box near the stage and a squeegee pack from the donation bucket at the Operation Squeegee Headquarters (SLURL). Operation Squeegee runs until 15th July and has a ton of events, which can be found on the website. There are sooo many awesome things for sale – cute T-Shirts with marine animals, deco items, a houseboat, poses, cute trees with eyes, quirky transportation vehicles…Please go and have a look and support the help efforts for the wildlife affected by the oil spill. Maybe we will manage to break the one million mark!

I <3 fishies

Operation Squeegee Donation items [SLURL]:
Squeegeed Antlers by Fire Good!!!
Scuba Set by SYSY & Hopscotch.
Huggles Fish with pose by Hopscotch.

Non-donation items:
Hair “Ana Lu” by Truth.
Skin “Belle Pale” by Belleza.

Picture taken at Suboceana [SLURL].


6 Responses to “The one which was supposed to be about fishies and ended up being a semi-farewell”

  1. I have just passed year three, and completely missed the date! For me its taking pictures and blogging which keeps me here but I have so little time (RL is very busy)…I still try to keep SL in mind as a positive experience and try to stay here in a creative way…RL has a way of draining all that energy from me… Take care..I feel that there are a lot of us who are questioning why we are here..

  2. Chic Aeon Says:

    Hey there Shelby and Paulina. Only 2 and a half SL years, but it has been a frantic and very busy time so maybe the time counts as three.

    I understand your feelings completely, and honestly I think it is great that RL is calling. That can’t be considered a bad thing. I am still posting about once a day (down from 3-5 during my busiest months) but I am not in world much. It may be our “age”. It may be SL and it could all float by; we might find we are back with enthusiasm.

    Whatever happens, it has been great and worthwhile and I have to believe we were “supposed” to spend our creative time virtually. Perhaps that is what leads us back to RL.

    Of note for some of us today, it was a total eclipse of the sun which astrologically speaking is considered by some as a gateway to new experiences — a threshold to cross. May yours be safe and joyous.

  3. Oh Pau, I miss you and love ya lots. I understand where you are coming from too. I’ve roped myself into SL with a business, which is fun and I love to create things, but deadlines aren’t as fun but a nature of the beast. If it wasn’t for close friends, I don’t think I would have even been here so long. SL goes in phases for me, and the last year, I’ve hardly shopped or socialized at all. Maybe it is our age. But regardless, I will always love SL for bringing people into my life like you. I wish you well and glad you are feeling healthier in RL! I hope those headaches have subsided, and you are cozy in your remodeled flat with boyfriend. That’s a lot to be thankful for, and you know those of us who love you aren’t going anywhere. We’re only a plurk away 🙂

  4. shelbs Says:

    I feel so related to your blogpost!! It’s like you’re telling my point of view on SL these days! When i come to think about it, it’s crazy how much hours i spent on SL, i still remember in the beginning… i was so excited about it and had to log in lots to explore all those places. And then i started to meet people, and with some i really clicked and had such fun times! Just like you i will never forget those crazy times & i’m so thankful for all the awesome friends i made.
    But the time has come for me too, to concentrate on RL & enjoy all its good things. I do hope i can keep in touch with the nice people i met through SL!!
    And as Bella mentions… we’re only a plurk away!!

  5. RedIce Cioc Says:

    I understand how you feel (I crossed the three years mark few months ago). Have fun outside and when you feel like it, come back! 🙂

  6. Thanks for your kind comments, guys! *hugs* I think I will be back for Burning Life because that has always been my favourite event in SL!!

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