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Round and round and round it goes September 1, 2010

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I have a strange fascination for funfairs and theme parks in SL. They radiate a special kind of magic, reminding me of the excitement we felt as children when our parents took us out for a day of fun rides (and queues). I am definitely more adventurous in SL than in RL, where I am too scared to ride most huge rollercoasters or other wild rides. Another advantage of living some things through your avatar in a virtual world!

Round and round and round

My favourite rides at a funfair are the carousels, be it chairoplanes or the old-fashioned ones with horses and carriages. Which mode of carousel-transportation do you go for when you have the choice? Do you prefer to ride in Mary Poppins style on horses or swans or drive in carriages. busses or fire-engines? I chose the horse this time, but my real favourite always was the little sphere that you could spin around manually, giving you a dizzying carousel ride!

Teleport to the funfair at Zombiepopcorn or Bust here.

The Grand Carousel


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