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Enchanted March 25, 2011

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“Enchanted” – teleport here [SLURL]
Unicorn pyjamas by Intrigue & Co [SLURL]
Poses by (pda) (no longer available)


Walking in a Winter Wonderland January 3, 2011

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Snowflakes fall, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening.
A beautiful sight, I’m happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Where fox and rabbit say good night

In the meadow I can build a snow fox,
And a little rabbit to the right.
They’ll say “Are you tired?”, I say “No way!
But how about you go home for the night?”

Frolicking in a Winter Wonderland

When it snows, ain’t it thrilling,
Though my nose gets a chilling.
I’ll frolic and play the dorkettes’ way
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Winter Wonderland

Walking in a winter wonderland.
Walking in a winter wonderland!

Syzygy’s Icy Beach:[SLURL].
Poses by Olive Juice [SLURL].


Round and round and round it goes September 1, 2010

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I have a strange fascination for funfairs and theme parks in SL. They radiate a special kind of magic, reminding me of the excitement we felt as children when our parents took us out for a day of fun rides (and queues). I am definitely more adventurous in SL than in RL, where I am too scared to ride most huge rollercoasters or other wild rides. Another advantage of living some things through your avatar in a virtual world!

Round and round and round

My favourite rides at a funfair are the carousels, be it chairoplanes or the old-fashioned ones with horses and carriages. Which mode of carousel-transportation do you go for when you have the choice? Do you prefer to ride in Mary Poppins style on horses or swans or drive in carriages. busses or fire-engines? I chose the horse this time, but my real favourite always was the little sphere that you could spin around manually, giving you a dizzying carousel ride!

Teleport to the funfair at Zombiepopcorn or Bust here.

The Grand Carousel


Nature comes in many forms March 5, 2010

After I got stuck in the Building Blocks Hunt several times I changed my mind and decided to hunt for prim daffodils in the “Nature’s Hunt“. I was very pleased as they were quite easy to find and brought me to some beautiful places that I would like to share with you.

Giant cuddle panda!

I met three adorable giant cuddle pandas at Loka Design (SLURL), each with poses to accommodate several people. We already have a giant bunny in our garden but I might go back some time and get one of the pandas because they are so much fun.

Someone has a grumpy

Look at Mr Grumpy, he made me laugh – although in fairness, I would be grumpy too if somebody sat on my head.

Windy meadow

“Petals on the Wind” (SLURL) is selling this garden shed, which would have fitted well into the last post about cute prefabs, and a number of beautiful windy flower fields.


I was very impressed by the Nordmaar sim and the “TRIDENT” main store (SLURL). Everything on this sim is available for sale, from houses to medieval furniture pieces, and the atmosphere is fantastic and very realistic. Lots of great photo opportunities and endless fun with Windlight.

Fire Beach

The last place is called “Fire Beach” (SLURL) and it is one of these sims where you start exploring all the hidden corners and suddenly an hour is gone. There are little fairy houses on which you can sit and bug the fairies (but watch out for snakes), a crystal cave, a large cliff from which you can dive into the sea, a beach, a vulcano, and that is just what I discovered in the short time I was there. If you are bored, go and visit and take a friend.

Now, should I give the Building Blocks Hunt another go or start with the Steampunk Hunt? Hmmm…

Credits for the White Tiger avatar and outfit can be found here.


Tainted Love February 20, 2010

After finishing the Red Packet Hunt I still was in the hunting spirit and so Fi and I went off to do the “Tainted Love Hunt” organised by Yellow Jester. The theme is the dark side of love and the list of participating creators made us squeal. I am going to try and put together a post with some of the prizes – but as usual we also came across some amazing places, which I would like to show you here.

Show me on the doll

Putrid Gloom is the talented creator (= evil genius) behind the store “Show me on the Doll” and the Gloomyville sims. The atmosphere there is very dark and creepy and the details and textures are amazing. You can easily spend ages exploring the spooky buildings and the very unique and similarly dark shops.

Dinner is being served

I was delighted to see this dinner table inside Putrid’s store, as it had been my favourite thing at the last zombiefest. Isn’t the table decoration lovely? Vegetarians might go home hungry though. Sitting on a chair will do funny things to your avatar, just give it a go!

Fallen Providence

I also loved the “Fallen Providence” sim. The landing point looks like a space station with strange glowing plants and features six tunnels with stargates.

Fallen Providence

Each tunnel will bring you to a different store with its own theme. I loved stepping into the gate, not knowing what would expect me on the other side, and arriving in a new and totally different world.

Panda Express

The peaceful scenery complete with tentacles, cubic trees and a heron at “Panda Express” made me laugh out loud. As I said, totally unexpected!

If you are a bad and impatient hunter like me, you might be glad for every hint finding the hearts and you should check out the “Tainted Love Hunt” website here or at “Huntlocations” here.

“Show me on the Doll”: SLURL.
“Fallen Providence”: SLURL.