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Enchanted March 25, 2011

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“Enchanted” – teleport here [SLURL]
Unicorn pyjamas by Intrigue & Co [SLURL]
Poses by (pda) (no longer available)


Beautiful Bloom is Here! (pt. 1) April 9, 2010

Beautiful Bloom is here!

Hiya! Miss me? Probably not, haha, but I missed you! Things have been crazy in all worlds, but I wanted to drop by to tell you about a very exciting event. If you are sick of cold weather and ready for actual spring weather, this will help tide you over. Beautiful Bloom is a grid-wide event, in which each designer will have special spring-themed items and at least one is EXCLUSIVE! That’s right… you can never ever get some of these amazing things again once the event is over. It starts today (YAY!), April 9th and through the 23rd. Below is the list of designers with SLurls to each of their stores. Don’t forget to touch one Beautiful Bloom sign in world at one of the stores to grab the SLurl list in-world as well.

Beautiful Bloom Designers:

Olive Juice by IsabellaGrace Baroque

Wot? by Lili Revnik

Molto Bene! by Annunziata Macchi

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Thibedeau/225/51/24 by Katharine McGinnis

Split Pea by Melatonin Hax

Awesome Blossom by Clementine Ishtari

Frosting Ink by RayRay Shippe

NUT by Bastet Hazelnut

BamaLama by Alabama Smalls

Twosome by Visa Volare

Flowey.Poses & Stuffs by Flutter Memel

Also, we’d love it if you joined the Beautiful Bloom Flickr Group, and show off your brand new exclusive prettiness. Happy shopping and happy spring! Stay tuned for peeks at some of the goodies available, YAY! 😀


The Cosmic Traveller February 26, 2010

Sometimes designers decide to collaborate on a project and the results are breathtaking. In case of the “Cosmic Traveller” project this did not surprise me at all, because if you throw together the talents of MiaSnow Myriam (“MiaSnow”), Jasmine Lisle (“JASstore”), Sofia London (“lurvebite”), Groll Greggan (“Grollwerk”), Helena Stringer (“The Stringer Mausoleum”) and Nix Sands (“XCENTRICITY”), only good things can come out of this. The space-inspired creations included skins by MiaSnow, space pets by lurvebite, boots, space gear and a cosmic photosphere with poses and star particles by JASstore. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to blog about this collaboration in January, when everything was still available at one location. Therefore, if you are interested in any of the items, you should check out the individual stores.

MiaSnow is one of my favourite skin designers because her works are fantastic, intense, beautiful, creepy and colourful. The “Cosmic Johanna” skin is a perfect example of her very unique style. It comes in a pack of four tones (two blue and two green ones), a shape and three pairs of eyes, which is a steal for L$1001.


In my “things to photograph” folder I found this almost forgotten outfit by BareRose, which went perfectly with the fierce-but-glamorous alien look I was hoping to achieve. I have a weakness for peackock dresses and this one is definitely an intergalactic version. You might have seen the poseprop Sci-Fi hallway by Glitterati on the feeds before, but for those who haven’t: it comes with ten menu-controlled poses and it absolutely brilliant (the pose in this picture is one of the built-in poses).

Cosmic Traveller

The first and the last pose though are from “Del May”, a shop which I just discovered during the “Tainted Love” hunt and which has a fantastic sortiment. I grabbed a few excentric and unusual model poses and essential ones like “Rain on my Face” and “Against the wind” to use in my beloved bad weather sims. The store offers custom fatpacks, so if you plan to buy 10 or more poses, you should go for one of these.


I believe in the possibility that aliens exist somewhere out there – and that they might be more glamorous than we are.

Skin: “Cosmic Johanna” by MiaSnow [SLURL].
Outfit “Mahamayuri” including shoes, jewellery and hat (not shown) by BareRose [SLURL].
Hair “ANT213” by *booN [SLURL].
Eyes “slice of summer” by Poetic Colors [SLURL].
Lashes “Madame Mirage” by [glow] Studio [SLURL].
Poses: “Marylin” and “Mannequin” by Del May [SLURL].
Sci-Fi Hallway with built-in poses by Glitterati [SLURL].


Don’t worry, be slimy! January 27, 2010

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I have been carrying this snail set by “UchU* around for a while now, mainly because it proved to be quite a challenge to put together an outfit. Hair wasn’t a problem, as it was part of the package, and Nuuna Nitely‘s free “Pink Stripe” skin turned out to be perfect for the Snail Girl. But what to wear?! Even Fionna, the fashion genius with a huge knowledge of SL fashion and shops was totally stumped when I asked her where to find a beige-pinkish dress that would go with my snails. So I had to resort to randomly teleporting into stores where I already had bought nice clothes from and hope for the best. Surprisingly it took only two teleports to land at “Couverture” where I spotted this dress exactly in the colour scheme I was looking for. Yay!

The Snail Girl

To make things perfect, the top of the dress has this purple part giving the impression to connect it with the snail shell on my back. By the way, the dress can be worn with or without the puff sleeves

The Snail Girl

As already mentioned above, the snail set comes with snail hair (two versions with or without facelight) and two snail buddies. One of them circles around you and occasionally spits out little stars, whereas the other one happily sits on your head and minds its own business. The only drawback of this cute set is that it is non-modifiable, meaning I couldn’t stretch the hair to fit my head. Therefore I decided to try a new shape by “Silhouette“, which was an expo gift ages ago, and the hair was fitting well on this one.

Don’t worry, be slimy!


Spasnail set by *UchU* [SLURL].
Dress “spur peach” by Couverture [SLURL].
Skin “Pink Stripe” (free gift) by Nuuna’s Skins [SLURL].
Shape by Silhouette (Expo Gift), slightly modified mouth [SLURL].
Eyes by Miriel ( no longer available)
Photosphere and background by Kyoot [SLURL].
Poses: “Young Lions” by pda [SLURL], “Baby Got Back too” by LAP [SLURL], “Haahaa” by Twosome [SLURL].


The early cat catches the butterfly January 22, 2010

One of today’s Fifty Linden Friday deals is this adorable “Kitty” dress from Artilleri. Its name was a clear sign from above to dress up my little white tiger avatar again with the aim to throw a big chunk of cuteness at you as a weekend starter. It took me a while to find the right hair because I wanted something cheeky and playful. I finally found this perfect style at ::69::. It looks so soft and almost real that everytime I look at it I feel the urge to touch it.

I will catch you!

All dressed up, Kitty was more than ready for mischief and grabbed the animated butterfly net from my inventory before I could stop her. Poor monarch butterfly had quite a hard time trying to escape. Redd Columbia did a great job with this animation. At one point Kitty smashes the net very hard to the ground, determined to catch this pesky butterfly. It made me laugh everytime!

That was close

Grrr….that was close.

Private Eyes are watching you

Have a nice weekend and don’t forget to let your inner dork out from time to time!

White Tiger avatar by **DP*yumyum, CSR gift – http://edelweiss.sc/choice2009w/
“Kitty dress” by Artilleri – 50L Friday [SLURL]
Hair “Neguko” by ::69:: [SLURL].
“Catch a butterfly” set with animated net and butterfly by RC Cluster [SLURL].
Glasses “Yip’s twiggy eyes” by Four Yip, free gift [SLURL].
Pose in third picture “Hi-Fi ORO099” by High Fidelity [SLURL].
Photosphere and background by Kyoot [SLURL].


Whiskers on Kittens January 13, 2010

I love musicals, as I have mentioned a couple of weeks ago (actually it was last year!), and I wanted to visualise the first lines of the song “My favourite things” from “The Sound of Music” for a while now. If you missed the “Raindrops on Roses” post, click here to read it. The funny thing with this series is, that every single picture seems to take time to “mature”, and then, suddenly – BAM – the right ingredient comes along my way and I can finish putting it together. This happened with the rose gown and similarly, I have been thinking for ages what to do for the “Whiskers on Kittens” line.

I teleported into Neko stores, looked at cat skins and avatars, but nothing really clicked with me. Yesterday evening I finally finished the WinterChoice! Creator Stamp Rally and got the cute white tiger avatar by **DP**yumyum. Today then it suddenly hit me, after Lizzie asked me how I would dress the kitten up: tiger – big cat – kitten – whiskers! I was slightly disappointed when I realised that the tiger avatar did not have any whiskers. But not all was lost, because in my inventory there was lurking the adorable Mrs Mittens hair by Clawtooth, which comes with – you will have guessed it – a tiny animated kitten. Awww!

Whiskers on Kittens

CSR finishes on the 18th January, so you still have a few days to get the tiger avatar and other prizes. If you join the “Choice!” group, you can pick up a stamp card for free (check their website for detailed instructions). After summoning all this kitten power, I spent the next two hours looking for the right dress. I often have a blurry image in my mind and then get really frustrated teleporting from one shop to the other, not finding anything close to what I want. I was close to calling it a day when I discovered this dress at “Casa del Shai” and instantly fell in love with it. I don’t think I have ever paid that much for a dress but this one was just perfect and I had to have it! It comes in four different patterns and I went for the grey tweed version. As a side note, this dress comes only with a system skirt, but also includes gloves which I didn’t wear (they didn’t go well with the paws).

Whiskers on Kittens

The rubber duckie umbrella by Rotten Toe has been sitting in my inventory for a while, just waiting for this occasion. It comes with different colours and a holding animation. For this picture however I used one of StorIn’s umbrella poses (see Juicybomb’s post here). Finally I teleported to Trilogy Raintown, a quirky little shopping district with its own underground station and, as the name says, with rain.

Voilà – these are a few of my favourite things!

White Tiger avatar by **DP*yumyum, CSR gift – http://edelweiss.sc/choice2009w/
Siobhan Dress Grey Tweed by *Shai* [SLURL].
Duckie Umbrella by Rotten Toe [SLURL].
Hair Mrs Mittens – Girl Next Door by Clawtooth [SLURL].
Umbrella 15 pose pack by StoRin [SLURL].
Second pose: “*Luth* expression 2” by Reel Expression [SLURL].
Location: Trilogy Raintown [SLURL].


A Glimpse of Spring January 7, 2010

This post is dedicated to everyone who, like me, is rapidly getting sick of winter, the cold and the darkness at 5 pm. Where I live we had the heaviest snow since 1981 and it is still kind of an adventure, but I know that a lot of you are loathing the masses of snow and ice by now. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine warm sunrays on your skin. Smell the pretty flowers, look at the butterflies – and wait, is that a grasshopper over there?

Bouncy bouncy

Spring will be coming soon, I promise! I know this because my local supermarket has just started selling Cadbury chocolate eggs.

Flower Child

Bouncing grasshopper, L$29, by Cutie Honey Shop [SLURL].
Skin “Small Flowers” by Nuuna’s Skins [SLURL].
Hair “Bella” with flower hat by Milestone Creations, check out the January 50% sale! [SLURL]
Petal Dress by (epoque), store currently under construction [SLURL].
Lashes “Vanity” eyelashes by [glow] studio designs [SLURL].
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Pose “Follies – Vaudeville’s Vanna Present…” by Olive Juice [SLURL].
Location: “Forest Feast” [SLURL].