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Super Bargain Saturday 25, yo! June 26, 2010

Have you joined the Super-Bargain Saturday event group yet? Well you can do so at the subscriber in any store participating in the event and save big every Saturday. This means BIG DEALS for you every single week from awesome designers. Every Saturday, from 12am-12pm SLT, you get whatever the designer puts out for only 60L. And these are very generous designers, so you won’t want to miss what they have for you. You don’t have to join to reap the rewards, but you will get a list every week with the stores and slurls ahead of time.

Seaside Splash Friends Pose

As of two weeks ago, Super-Bargain Saturday hit Olive Juice, and it’s back again! Since it’s officially summer time in the States, that means beach parties and fun with friends in any world. So I thought this friends pose would be perfect for capturing those fun moments on film. AND, since it’s a SBS release, that means it is only 60L all day today! After midnight tonight, it will go to full price, so grab it on the cheap while you can.

And don’t forget to check out the other great deals at the other Super-Bargain Saturday stores, like my neighbor in Morning Glory, Awesome Blossom. She has the cutest front porch set that includes a rocking chair with 4 custom animations (made by yours truly), side table with tablecloth and accessories. The chair and table are all texture change too, so the options are endless. All that for only 60L today too!

Happy Shopping 🙂

“Every Saturday a group of designers will place an item marked down to 60L in front of their mainstore. The item will be available from 12am SLT on Saturday until 11:59pm SLT on Saturday. All the designers are going to put up a totally new product or something from their store list. Each week we are going to give you the opportunity to discover new and great designers with gorgeous products.”

This week’s designers are:
Olive Juice
Awesome Blossom ::
Tik Tok
.:* LOULOU&CO *:.
>>> moloko >>>


Olive Juice does SLDD *dances like an idiot* May 21, 2010

Olive Juice- Barrel of Poses
If you haven’t joined SLDD yet, you most definitely should. It’s this fantastic shoppers club that has different price options, and you get to snag exclusive deals and sometimes exclusive items EVERY SINGLE DAY! Today happens to to Olive Juice‘s turn for the 50% off item, YAY! This “Barrel of Poses” is just what it sounds like. It comes packed with 8 static poses, fully adjustable to fit your av, easy touch menu built-in and 7 prims with sculpted flowers or only 2 without. Both options are included to blend in with your summer or spring decor. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did making it.

Just make sure your SLDD card is attatched, and choose ‘pay’ from the menu. If you aren’t a member, sign up right in the Olive Juice store at the Shopper Register Sign in the front-left hand side when you walk in. That’s it! Fun times at half the price, weeeee!

Visit Olive Juice’s Mainstore to grab it!


Beautiful Bloom is Here! (pt. 1) April 9, 2010

Beautiful Bloom is here!

Hiya! Miss me? Probably not, haha, but I missed you! Things have been crazy in all worlds, but I wanted to drop by to tell you about a very exciting event. If you are sick of cold weather and ready for actual spring weather, this will help tide you over. Beautiful Bloom is a grid-wide event, in which each designer will have special spring-themed items and at least one is EXCLUSIVE! That’s right… you can never ever get some of these amazing things again once the event is over. It starts today (YAY!), April 9th and through the 23rd. Below is the list of designers with SLurls to each of their stores. Don’t forget to touch one Beautiful Bloom sign in world at one of the stores to grab the SLurl list in-world as well.

Beautiful Bloom Designers:

Olive Juice by IsabellaGrace Baroque

Wot? by Lili Revnik

Molto Bene! by Annunziata Macchi

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Thibedeau/225/51/24 by Katharine McGinnis

Split Pea by Melatonin Hax

Awesome Blossom by Clementine Ishtari

Frosting Ink by RayRay Shippe

NUT by Bastet Hazelnut

BamaLama by Alabama Smalls

Twosome by Visa Volare

Flowey.Poses & Stuffs by Flutter Memel

Also, we’d love it if you joined the Beautiful Bloom Flickr Group, and show off your brand new exclusive prettiness. Happy shopping and happy spring! Stay tuned for peeks at some of the goodies available, YAY! 😀


Day 9: Flakey Friends December 9, 2009

Flakey Friends Freebie!

So, we dorks are getting a little busier than we anticipated, but didn’t want to leave you hanging without an advent day! So, yes, this is somewhat of a shameless plug, but it’s also a fun freebie for you to grab. Flakey Friends is my Christmas Freebie from Olive Juice, and is a 5 point snowflake formation for you and your pals. It’s now available at all locations: Mainstore in Harold, Carmina (which btw is looking beautiful this time of year), and Slaughter City. Happy Holidays, go be a flake! ❤


Day 8: Cold Weather Basics December 8, 2009

Okay, so these aren’t “Christmasy”, per se, however they are great wintery basics to mix into your festive wardrobe. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet: look at picture, read notes, hop slurls, buy awesomey goodness, and enjoy!

Cold Weather Favorites

Hair- Iren: Fiona Reds
Scarf- Twosome: Snugly Neckwarmers
Dress- Twosome: Long Shirts
Leggings- Duboo: Laundry Day Leggings
Fingerless Gloves- Twosome: Gatcha Gloves (get ’em cheap at Albero from the machine here!)
Skin- &Bean: Babushka-yaya (was a Halloween Giftie)
Pose- Olive Juice: Sequin Tights

Aaaaand because I ❤ Twosome…

Twosome Gatcha Shirts!

same as above except for:
Shirt- Twosome: Gatcha Shirts in machines at Albero here!
Skirt- BP* Ruffle mini denim/dark
Pose- Olive Juice: I ❤ you to Peaces


1000 days of Yoa Ogee October 24, 2009

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The incredibly talented creator Yoa Ogee is 1000 days in SL today. To celebrate this occasion you can get this free “Aeronaut” avatar in Yoa’s and Yeti’s shop until Sunday 25th October, 1 pm SLT. And if you are already there, do take a look at the rest of the huge avatar range they offer. You won’t be disappointed – the picture shows only about half of what they have!



Free Zombification October 12, 2009

Quick quick post to say, if you didn’t hear yet, head over to Dernier Cri NOW. There is a free zombie av for Halloween. Eyes, skin, hair, shape, boots and outfit are all included. Plus the Dorkette fav from last year, their bumble bee costume, is out again for free. Go grab it up and take pics at Zombiefest before it takes the big sleep! And send them to the Hot For Zombies Flickr group to enter the contest.

Dernier Cri Freebie Zombie Av

shape is my own, not the one included
pose- Olive Juice: braaaiiiins!
taken at Zombiefest!


pose- Olive Juice: Paper, Snow, A GHOST!