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V is for Venus Flytrap May 5, 2010

Hi there! Sorry for my long silence, but I have been experiencing quite a bit of SL fatigue recently and was totally unmotivated to take pictures, blog or even just log into SL. However, I felt a slight spark of inspiration tonight to take up the Dork’s Alphabet again. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a large part of it, I decided to have a break from the strict alphabetic order and catch the ideas as they fly by. Just realised the unintended pun when looking at today’s card – teehee.

I would like to thank Further Monday for showing me the hilarious Ollipog store at the Fantasy Fair. It was very hard for me to decide which one to choose because I loved them all! In the end I went for their RFL item and this “Fly J’Accuzi”. So if you were ever looking to change into a “Blubird of Crappiness” with a cherry on your head, a tiny ghost lemur or a mandrake magic root (!!), this should be your first stop.

Further doesn’t only constantly find cool avatars, she also just founded the in-world group “Shapeshifters Union” and the accompanying Flickr group here. Yay, I have been yearning for such a group for ages! If you consider yourself a shapeshifter, please do join this group. There will also be regular events, for example get-togethers at a surprise sim with the challenge to dress according to the sim theme. Hope to see you there. 🙂

V is for Venus Flytrap

Avatar “Fly J’Accuzi” by Ollipogs [SLURL].


F is for Firefly March 22, 2010

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F is for Firefly

Fire Fly Dress including wings and antennae by lurvebite [SLURL].
Hair LLR726 by booN [SLURL].
Skin “Elizabeth” (group gift) by blowpop [SLURL].
Pose by Del May [SLURL].


E is for Evolution March 17, 2010

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E is for Evolution

Jumpsuit by MichaMi [SLURL].
“Monkey Thingies” including optional animation by RC Cluster [SLURL].
Hair “NMR32” by booN [SLURL].
Skin “Alyson” by Belleza [SLURL].
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available).


“Wrapped Winter Gown” by Paper Couture [SLURL].
Hair “Chelsea” by Truth [SLURL].
Skin “Bella” by Belleza [SLURL].
Jewellery “Black Onyx” by Deco [SLURL].
Pose “Modern Mystery” by (pda) (no longer available).


D is for Duck March 13, 2010

D is for Duck

Dress “Spring girl friend” (including necklace, ribbons, hair flower and socks) by Honey Kitty [SLURL].
Hair “LLR726” by booN [SLURL].
Skin “Belle Pale Smokey Kisses” by Belleza [SLURL].
Shoes “Retro Round” by Perequita [SLURL].
Yellow flappy ducky (animated) by Rachel Breaker [SLURL].
Spring-Wobble Duckie by ED Creations, squeak and laugh when clicked [SLURL].


C is for Crustaceans March 12, 2010

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C is for Crustaceans

Hair “Crustacean” by Tekeli-li! [SLURL].
Dress “Leda” by This is a Fawn [SLURL].
Skin “Sienna Cachet – Sugar High” by Exodi [SLURL].
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available).
Pose “Balancar” by Twosome [SLURL].
“The Space-Saving Crab Sofa” by 10Lindens ACS (XStreetSL).


B is for Bear & Bee March 10, 2010

B is for Bear

Bear dress and honeypot backpack by Malizz Yiyuan creation (SLURL).
Free-Bee by Duggy Bing (XStreetSL).
Hair “Blush 30” by 69 (SLURL).
Skin “Alyson pale” (group gift) by Belleza (SLURL).
Eyes and eyelashes by Exodi (SLURL).
Pose “15/365” by LAP (SLURL).


A is for Astronomer March 9, 2010

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A is for Astronomer

Telescope (with three poses) and stars (each with three to four poses) by Reek [SLURL].
Hair “Dylan” by fri.day [SLURL].
“Cashmere Sweater” by Sn@atch [SLURL].
Scarf by Kunstkammer (no longer available).