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Dorktionary May 31, 2008

Teh Dorktionary

Hai there! In our blog you might stumble across words that you are not familiar with and can’t find in a normal dictionary. Those can be either general internet slang, taken from “lolcat speak” or are freshly made-up dork speak. Our dorktionary is a collection of these words, which hopefully makes it easier for you to follow our ramblings – and maybe it even inspires you to extend your vocabulary. If you think that an expression is missing or would like to have a new word added to our dorktionary, just leave a comment! 😀



abbrvs – (fully pronounced “abreevs”) abbreviations or textspeak

adorkable – adorable dork or dorky behaviour

awesomesauce – when awesome isn’t awesome enough of a descriptions, you add some saucey goodness


betch – an affectionate term for bitch

bestie – best friend

bff – best friend forever

biyatch ir biatch- uber bitch, used both affectionately or as an insult (can be expanded ala’ Creamy style to biatchipoo)

blingtard – someone who really REALLY loves their bling (which we think should be illegal in SL)

bunneh – as in bunny


convo – conversation

craptastic – the complete and utter opposite of fantastic “Item X just disappeared from my inventory? Oh, that’s just craptastic.”


defo – definitely

dis – this

dork – not a whale’s naughty bits but a term to affectionately describe those of us that are a little silly and don’t take ourselves so seriously

dorkette – female version of a dork, though dork is a unisex term

dorketteer – one member of a triplet of dorks, referenced from The Three Musketeers

dorkitude – a dorky attitude

dorktastic – a dorky version of fantastic



FACE! – a LOT of meanings. can be used when mocking someone’s misfortune or failing at something. can also but used as a greeting or a goodbye. also used as a nickname on its own for someone or put with their name like “Hi Bellaface!”

FAIL! or EPIC FAIL! – just what it sounds like but commonly used in lolspeak

fap – as in fap attack (hectic slapping and not the dirty kind preverts)

FTW!- For The Win


geef – give

goodness – often prefaced with a adjective ending in ‘y’ (ex. yummy goodness) using extra oopmf to describe how good something is


hai – as in “hi”, global lolcat salutation

halp! – help

HOAR – whore in lolspeak, usually used affectionately (because come on, if you’re a full-blown whoreypants we aren’t gonna make it all teh cute with lol. you just a whore)


idk, my bff jill? – from a cingular commercial (i believe) and its used at random for our own amusement (ok maybe just bella and bama)

interwebz – lolspeak for internet


jellie, jeluz, jellz – jealous

JKJKJKJKJK – just kidding, no really don’t hurt me!


kitteh – as in kitty

kees – kiss

kthxbai – lolspeak for ok, thanks and goodbye but spoken with a bit of attitude

kyoot or kewt – cute


lagtastic/lagolicious – when the lag in SL is so bad it needs a sarcastic snarky remark. here’s two for ya!

LOL – Laughing Out Loud (also spelled “lawl” sometimes because of the way it is pronounced)

lolcat – a picture of a cat or even another animal in which text is added to describe the situation of hilarity the animal has found itself in due to the interpretation of said picture; please see http://www.icanhascheezburger.com to understand the lolcat fully

LMAO – Laughing My A** Off

luff, lurve, lub – love


moar – more in lolspeak


naughty bits – self explanatory hopefully

noobtastic – describing someone who apparently embraces their scary ruthy noob look or an outfit that is very noob in appearance would be noobtastic

nom nom nom – the sound you make if something is yummy (sometimes seen as nahm nahm nahm)


oh hai thur! – oh hi (or hey) there!

OMG or Oh Em Gee! – Oh My God

o rly? – oh really?


pic, piccie or pichah – picture

plz – lolspeak for please

PWND – a text or internet expression for “owned” showing domination or defeat in a playful way (ex. you lost again, i PWND your arse!!!

prolly – probably



ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing

ROFLcopter – when its so funny, a ROFL just wont due (ex. look out ROFLcopter landing!)


salute – abbrv for absolutely

SL(insert word here) – A preface to many many words that the Second Life® user can cleverly add to relate to their in-world experience (ex. Bella is the last SLelabate on the grid)

srsly – seriously, often used several times in a sentence one after another and takes on several meanings such as “srsly? srsly… srsly!”


teh – lolspeak for ‘the’

(insert word) times – sad times, good times, fun times for example. sometimes inserted into Fast Times at Ridgemont High if you are Bella like “I can’t believe it! It was so Sad Times at Ridgemont High”

totes – abbrv for totally

twss – that’s what she said (ex. that math problem was really long and hard; twss


uber – of German dissent (with an umlaut i can’t type for some reason over the U) translated to dorkspeak to mean when something is extra or super (ex. she is an uber biyatch)



welcs or welks – abbrv for you are welcome

woot! or w00t! – a way to express glee about something, used sort of like “yay!” (ex. Thanks for the comment you awesome Dorks Readers you, WOOT!!!!)




ZOMG! – extreme OMG


❤ – “heart” (turn your head to the right to see the heart)

*UPDATE TO <3: If you watch “Last Comic Standing” you heard Iliza’s joke about how she didn’t know this was a heart and assumed all her friends texting her with the ❤ at the end were whores. ex: “Hey, lets go see that movie this weekend. balls, Terri” or “Love you bitch! nutsack”… hehehe, they do look like testicles and from now you will all hear me replace “goobye” or “<3” with a straightfaced “balls” (Bella wrote this, of course, I’m the crazy one)

\o/ – Yay!

:DDDDDDDD – you make me smile like dis


15 Responses to “Dorktionary”

  1. Yuvi Says:

    Don’t forget the asian emoticons:
    ^_^ or ^^ – asian smiley face
    >_> -asian sigh
    ;_; -asian crying face

    and omg you forgot to include certain other things often uttered by the kids these days:

    PWND like booyah for the 21st century.
    I forgot the rest. GAWD. I feel old.

    I’m prolly totally wrong in my interpretations. Check with a real dork before you post it!

  2. great job so far Pau! thanks Yuvilicious for the adds! Pauface just started the dorky goodness to come, we will definitely be updating. Thanks dollface 🙂

  3. Love this. Awesomesauce may be my new favorite word.

    One of my faves is “craptastic.” As in “Item X just disappeared from my inventory? Oh, that’s craptastic.”

  4. omg i love it! i’ve said that once or twice myself, hahaha. i also think the SL users need to expand their vocabulary to things like “fookin ‘ell, this place is lagolicious (or) lagtastic!”. craptastic reminded me of that. thanks Nikkita for the new word!

  5. Valentina Kendal Says:

    Val glances nervously side to side before speaking:


    well if you’re gonna include ‘srsly’, then you might as well add ‘prolly’ and ‘convo’ for the newbs. Also ‘woot’.

  6. ah, nice choices, nice choices Val. thanks! keep the input comin’ gang :DDDD

  7. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    Oh yeah, lovely input! 😀

  8. *happy sigh* When I saw FACE! listed it took me back to jr. high where we took every opportunity to taunt each other with that. I’m sure we were not at all annoying with it.

    “I hit you with the dodgeball! FACE!”

    Good times.

  9. LMAO Nikkita!!! I’m glad we could make you smile and reminisce :). If you think of any other Jr High words of wisdom, plz let us know, hehe. FACE!

  10. Paulina Oceanlane Says:

    LMFAO @ balls!!

  11. OMG! You have ruined my brain (yay!)! Every time Glam types “<3” as in “I ❤ Fat Fannies,” all I can think is “balls/ nutsack.” Of course, Glam could well mean “I nutsack Fat Fannies.” It is Glam, after all.

  12. i think i need to pass that along to Glam. she’ll gladly throw in a i balls Fat Fannies here and there, hehehe. I RUINED YOU, YAY! lol

  13. RK Says:

    I have a suggestion to the ‘balls’ thing as an ending to messages.

    Make it ‘balls of affection’. Friendlier, and sure to confuse the Hell out of people.

    Nutsacks the post.

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