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Day 13: Carmina Holiday Party! December 13, 2009

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So I’m super freakin busy today but wanted to let you all know there is a party going on in Carmina today! It’s such a pretty winter wonderland right now, not to mention free gifts! Alice’s Garden makes amazing and beautiful items for your landscaping needs. The signature garden bunnies are free gifts right now if you touch the giant Christmas tree! So I will give you the info from the invite:

The days have grown shorter.
The warmth of the the sun
hides behind the cold winter wind
As it whistles through the trees
Waiting to surprise you around each corner, each hill.

The cold winter village of Carmina needs to be enjoyed before it all melts.
The crows, geese, and wind are lonely here all by themselves.
Celebrate the icy ground and play with with flakes that fall from the sky.
Listen to Engrama, skate, throw snowballs at one another, and just explore the beauty of winter.

Please join us as we celebrate with our friends these shortened days and the upcoming holidays!

When: 13 December 2009 12:00 PM SLT
Where: Carmina

Need a pair of great skates that throw snow balls too? Pick your free pair up at Abranimations

[Engrama] will be playing!



[Engrama] is comprised of Pupito Abrahams (Argentina) and Lakua Arriaga (Spain). Their music consists of songs of their own creation, live musical experimentation, as well as covers from groups such as Joy Division, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, The Cure and some songs in Spanish.

In real life, Pupito Abrahams plays in a few bands within the independent music scene in Buenos Aires. [Engrama], however, is born of both members living together and sharing a common interest in musical experimentation and other artistic aspects such as the musicalization of images which coincides with Lakua’s real life interest in photography.

What [Engrama] offers to Second Life is live music without pre-recorded tracks; a dreamlike musical soundscape which transcends from SL into RL.