Who let the dorks out?

Bubbles! Take me to the skies! November 14, 2010

BOO! *jumps out from the shrubs and waves hands manically*

Welcome to the once-a-month post of “Who Let The Dorks Out”! I can’t deny that the thought to just officially stop blogging has crossed my mind in the last weeks. However, I am not ready to let it go yet. Instead I have been thinking about a format change. What is clear is that I don’t have as much time available anymore to do lengthy posts with lots of different items and URLs. This is especially true for “fashion posts”, something wich I kind of slipped into in the recent past. So I decided to go back to my original vision and show silly, weird and wonderful avatars and toys. I possibly will not credit every single thing of my outfit anymore, but if you are interested in something, please just leave a comment and I will let you know where I got it from.

I am also going to try and post quick sreenshots of things that I come across and like, instead of trying to build a whole outfit around them. For example, I loved these flowery shoes at Ingenue [SLURL].

Cute shoes at Ingenue

Enough introduction, I would like to introduce the real star of this posting to you: The “Alien Bub” avatar by Madcow Cosmos [SLURL].

Bubble Alien

If you have been following this blog for a longer time you will know that I love aliens and bubbles – so I got VERY excited when I saw this avatar which promised to combine both in one! And I was not disappointed. Not only is it cute and colourful in an asymmetrical outer-space way, it also comes with a HUD called “To the Skies” . When you click on it once, the alien blows a big bubble. <33333

Bubbling away

But the really amazing thing happens when you click the HUD a second time. The bubble becomes huuuge and the alien starts to fly up high into the sky. Click another time and the bubble bursts. I might have spent some time making my alien fly up to the sky and plummet back to earth…

To the Skies!

You can buy this and lots of other wonderful avatars at Madcow’s Primordial Soup and Sandwich shop [SLURL]. Because it can be a bit difficult to find, I took a picture of the vendors to make it easier for you. 🙂

Madcow's Primordial Soup and Sandwich

Have a great Sunday in your SL and RL, and even better if, it involves bubbles of some kind.


Greetings, Earthlings! November 16, 2009

Some days I fear that I might start to get bored with SL. Some days things just seem to be the same over and over again and I feel as if I can’t bear to see another prim. And then I discover a shop with unique and silly things, or teleport to a place where I lose myself for hours and I remember again what kept me here the last two years. Saturday was such a day and I will show you two of the three great places I found today.

“Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys” [SLURL] sells a wide range of silly toys, avatar attachments and other things you never knew you needed. All items also have a “buy as gift” option, which might come in handy for christmas. I love everything to do with aliens and ufos and therefore could not resist to buy this ufo attachment. It folds your avatar so that only your head remains – floating in a blinking ufo jar. You have to detach all prim attachments and it is advisable to at least wear a bikini (for any accidental unfoldings if the AO should not work). It is modifyable so I guess you might be able to put your own name on the sign. I also bought the other version, which is the same ufo jar on an unicycle, complete with little steam clouds and a working horn. Brilliant!

Avatar head in an ufo jar

Now that I had turned into an alien, I was looking for a nice space sim to take some pictures. In moments like this I miss the now closed “Privateer Space” sim terribly. It broke my heart – and that of many other people – when it shut down, because it was huge and created by Aley Arai with so much humour and attention to detail. When I read the description of Deshima Space Station, a station “existing far away from major space colonies or settlements”, my interest awoke. And when I teleported there, zoomed out and realised just how huge this station was, my excitement grew.

Deshima Space Station