Who let the dorks out?

Bubbles! Take me to the skies! November 14, 2010

BOO! *jumps out from the shrubs and waves hands manically*

Welcome to the once-a-month post of “Who Let The Dorks Out”! I can’t deny that the thought to just officially stop blogging has crossed my mind in the last weeks. However, I am not ready to let it go yet. Instead I have been thinking about a format change. What is clear is that I don’t have as much time available anymore to do lengthy posts with lots of different items and URLs. This is especially true for “fashion posts”, something wich I kind of slipped into in the recent past. So I decided to go back to my original vision and show silly, weird and wonderful avatars and toys. I possibly will not credit every single thing of my outfit anymore, but if you are interested in something, please just leave a comment and I will let you know where I got it from.

I am also going to try and post quick sreenshots of things that I come across and like, instead of trying to build a whole outfit around them. For example, I loved these flowery shoes at Ingenue [SLURL].

Cute shoes at Ingenue

Enough introduction, I would like to introduce the real star of this posting to you: The “Alien Bub” avatar by Madcow Cosmos [SLURL].

Bubble Alien

If you have been following this blog for a longer time you will know that I love aliens and bubbles – so I got VERY excited when I saw this avatar which promised to combine both in one! And I was not disappointed. Not only is it cute and colourful in an asymmetrical outer-space way, it also comes with a HUD called “To the Skies” . When you click on it once, the alien blows a big bubble. <33333

Bubbling away

But the really amazing thing happens when you click the HUD a second time. The bubble becomes huuuge and the alien starts to fly up high into the sky. Click another time and the bubble bursts. I might have spent some time making my alien fly up to the sky and plummet back to earth…

To the Skies!

You can buy this and lots of other wonderful avatars at Madcow’s Primordial Soup and Sandwich shop [SLURL]. Because it can be a bit difficult to find, I took a picture of the vendors to make it easier for you. 🙂

Madcow's Primordial Soup and Sandwich

Have a great Sunday in your SL and RL, and even better if, it involves bubbles of some kind.


V is for Venus Flytrap May 5, 2010

Hi there! Sorry for my long silence, but I have been experiencing quite a bit of SL fatigue recently and was totally unmotivated to take pictures, blog or even just log into SL. However, I felt a slight spark of inspiration tonight to take up the Dork’s Alphabet again. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a large part of it, I decided to have a break from the strict alphabetic order and catch the ideas as they fly by. Just realised the unintended pun when looking at today’s card – teehee.

I would like to thank Further Monday for showing me the hilarious Ollipog store at the Fantasy Fair. It was very hard for me to decide which one to choose because I loved them all! In the end I went for their RFL item and this “Fly J’Accuzi”. So if you were ever looking to change into a “Blubird of Crappiness” with a cherry on your head, a tiny ghost lemur or a mandrake magic root (!!), this should be your first stop.

Further doesn’t only constantly find cool avatars, she also just founded the in-world group “Shapeshifters Union” and the accompanying Flickr group here. Yay, I have been yearning for such a group for ages! If you consider yourself a shapeshifter, please do join this group. There will also be regular events, for example get-togethers at a surprise sim with the challenge to dress according to the sim theme. Hope to see you there. 🙂

V is for Venus Flytrap

Avatar “Fly J’Accuzi” by Ollipogs [SLURL].


Orchard in the sky January 26, 2010

Sometimes I use grid-wide hunts just for the purpose of finding new beautiful places rather than hunting for the actual gifts. This is exactly how I ended up at the Herbalys “Sky Orchard“. I teleported to a random shop and was a bit disappointed because it was located on a not very beautiful piece of mainland. I flew across it for a bit and suddenly saw a small piece of land that was totally overgrown with trees, plants, with a little stone house in the middle. When I entered the house I discovered that most of the things I saw outside in the garden as well as the decoration inside was for sale. I hadn’t heard of this store called “Herbalys” before but I really liked the range of home decoration items. There was also a landmark pointing to the “Sky Orchard” and I curiously followed it – just to end up at this beautiful fantasy island in the sky.

Herbalys Sky Orchard

Being a Winter Angel Otter that day clearly had been the right decision because this avatar fitted so well into this fairytale-like landscape. I will be eternally grateful to Further Monday for showing me Risusipo Jun’s store at the Magic of Oz sim. If you haven’t been there yet, be warned. There is a high chance of death by Cute Overload when you see the tiny otter and chipmunk avatars for the first time!

Winter Angel

This is a glimpse of the store interior, which is located in the cave under the big tower. Almost everything you see here is available in the shop for a reasonable price. Most of the items are sculpted and therefore low prim and I immediately fell in love with the cute owl sitting on the shelf. By the way, the yellow candle on the table is a free gift.
Herbalys Shop

If you look closely at the first picture you can see a small blue door in the lower part of the island, which houses one of the most adorable clubs I have ever seen in SL. I love its organic feel, the glowing plants and the music notes streaming from the loudspeakers. 😀

Herbalys Club

Time to relax, little otter!

Chilling Otter

Teleport to Herbalys Sky Orchard Shop and Club here [SLURL].
Winter Angel Otter by :Risusipo: [SLURL] or on XStreetSL .


Day 19: You better watch out… December 19, 2009

…you better not cry,
you better not pout i’m tellin’ you why:
Tiny Santa Claus is coming to town!

Tiny Santa is coming to town

Tiny Santa avatar (transferable) by Screwball Cartoons [SLURL].
Picture taken at Winterstock [SLURL].


Day 3: Rock, hop ‘n’ roll December 3, 2009

Rockhopper penguin doing a happy dance

The SL rockhopper penguin (Eudyptes virtualis) is a rare species. It prefers snowy landscapes and icy ponds but has adjusted well to the predominantly tropical climate of Second Life. Rockhopper penguins originally received their name due to their tendency to hop over rocks and boulders rather than to climb over them awkwardly. SL rockhoppers have extended this behaviour and like to burst into spontaneous dance. They are very friendly and curious creatures, unless they encounter bling or certain free, adult prim attachments – in this case, you better watch out!

Rockhopper Penguin portrait

“Rockhopperi Penguin” avatar, $L50, by Duo Farrjones [SLURL] or on XstreetSL (also available as Emperor Penguin).
Tiny Dance by Abranimations [SLURL].
Pictures taken at Oubliette [SLURL].
Read more about rockhopper penguins on Wikipedia.


Help! The pumpkins are coming! October 28, 2009

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After Yoa Ogee’s 1000 day anniversary today it is Yeti Bing’s turn. To celebrate this occasion, you can get this hilarious pumpkin avatar for free today at their store. Yes, all the pumpkins are one avatar! 😀

The pumpkins are coming!

“Pumpkins – they are comming…!” avatar by Yeti Bing [SLURL].

Picture taken at Kalepa Earth Orbit [SLURL].


Haunted Bones October 27, 2009

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Halloween is approaching fast and if you haven’t found your perfect costume yet, how about one of the special halloween avatars from “Loco Pocos“? I fell instantly in love with this tiny skeleton – so creepy and cute at the same time! But you could also go for a ghost, a witch, a mummy or a tiny zombie (see them all on XStreetSL).

Hi there!

The special thing about these avatars is that they come with their own HUD, allowing you to customise features like eye colour and even clothes or accessories. This HUD also contains a bunch of gestures and several sound schemes (female and male). Innocent bystanders are guaranteed to die from cute overload by a little skeleton cheerfully waving at them and shouting “hewwo”.

The Haunted Ball