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It’s all in the name of science August 3, 2010

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This is a quick hello from me. I have logged in a few times in the last weeks but still didn’t manage to find inspiration again. One of the reasons surely is that things have been rezzing soo slowly. I experimented with different viewers (e.g. Kirsten Viewer) but I felt too impatient to adjust to a new viewer interface with buttons being at different places, more settings, and so I gave up on that.

However, I just wanted to quickly share a link to a new SL blog with you, which has been created by Marian Dragovar and
Alarren Fede. It immediately became one of my favourite blogs because it is a brilliant fusion between randomness, hilariousness and intelligent analysis: “Crotches of SL – Where crotches are examined and exposed in the name of science.”

In effort to continue on in the spirit of progress and innovation, I have decided to double post in honor of our blog grand opening. It is my sincere hope that this blog becomes the most popular blog about Second Life and issues of world peace in the whole world, and if not in the whole world, then at least in the Midwest region of the Unite States of America.

Speaking of the Midwest, here is a fairy crotch which has been accented by tastefully arranged insects and arachnid silk ornamentation.

Fairy crotch

The “submit a crotch” form is a must-read.

We accept the following types of crotches:

1. A crotch with an interesting organic and physical shape – one that provokes a viewer response. Whether said response is positive or negative is immaterial; it is the psycho-emotional reaction that is of chief interest here at Crotches of Second Life.


4. Special crotches – We like to look at crotches with special appeal, unusual ornamentation, fantasy crotches, crotches of rare animals and entities, crotches of aliens or beasts. Laps made of magic and science, oddly shaped, mutated, or evolved pubic regions — or anything that is out of the ordinary or a diversion from the standard expectations for the crotch.

5. Cultural crotches, crotches which convey significant cultural symbolism or display meaning from a distinctly ethnic perspective. Crotches used in spiritual and social ritual, crotches of distinct origins, exotic crotches, worldly crotches, any sort of crotch which conveys a sentiment of unique ethnic heritage.

Go and visit Crotches of SL now and contribute to World Peace!


Only 1 Week of Shoe Whorin Left! November 30, 2009

Santa Says BUY SHOES.... uh and poses *wink*
(Periquita Sweet Stilletto Boots / Pose from Flickr Contest Exclusive Pack by Olive Juice)

Don’t miss the goods at the 2009 SL Footwear Expo, ending December 6th. It’s not as laggy now and there are plenty of reasons to visit again, if you’ve already filled up on shoes. For one, check the Shoe Fair Blog for updates about DJs, and sneak peeks at shoe designers and/or posers you may never heard of before. That’s right, posers too. If you haven’t been, you might not know that this year, there is a row dedicated to animators whom all have made special shoe-showin poses for all your new foot warmers. That does include *shameless plug ahead, warning!* me…. Olive Juice poses. I made 2 packs, 3 poses each that are exclusive to Shoe Fair. I’ll show you those later.

New Shoes (to me anyway) at the Expo!



Hair Fair Challenge August 23, 2008

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Achariya Rezak had a great idea for a blog challenge, which was to try and put together a look that was prim-free but still cool. Why you ask? Well, as you know, Hair Fair is in full swing and from what I hear the lag surpasses any event to date! Yes, I said I “hear” because I’m too chicken to brave the pea-soup of fluffy clouds and gray blobs. But I did take that time to try my hand at putting together an all system outfit, and of course…. took it as a shopping opportunity. I must have folders and folders full of cute hand drawn clothes from creators like Twosome, Fashionably Dead, Tres Blah, Nylon Outfitters and on and on. But being the shopping-addict that I am I thought to myself “hmmm, haven’t been to Nylon’s in a while… SHOPPING!”. Ugh, halp! So here are two looks I came up with and left the creativity up to Nylon. I have seen some very well put together looks, like the adorably chic Candy Lemmon over on Red-Headed Step-Child…. but it was late and my preggers bum is brain-dead most of the time. Since I’m a prim lash addict, I had to make sure and throw on my Mia skins, always a fav, because with eyeshadow and details like that… giiiirl you don’t even need lashes! OKAY, enough excuses, here ya go. I hope to see some looks from my other sisters in dorkiness *wink wink nudge nudge*.

Hair Fair Challenge

(NO) Bananna Smoothie Jacket Set
Mia #6 skin by MiaSnow @MiaSofia
Laqroki mani

Hair Fair Challenge 2

(NO) Country Vacation top and necklace
Tres Blah Jeans in Sunny
Mia #4 Skin by MiaSnow @MiaSofia
Laqroki Pedi

Challenge yourself to lag-free fashion so we can all grab our freebies and new hurrdos in peace ladies! OH, and check your fav creators blogs and stores, many have demos available at store locations and On Rez to save you the hassle. Have fun!