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Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head! June 24, 2009

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Nobody likes a hair in their pudding, but how do you feel about cakes in your hair? If you have a weakness for sweet things, you will enjoy this year’s Hair Fair , which takes place on four sims and combines candy goodness with tons and tons of cute hair styles – and all for charity! So far I only had time for a quick stroll through the little chocolate and candy booths, snatching a few demos and trying to resist the urge to go into the kitchen and rescue all those lonely calories in the sweets drawer. I had one main goal however, and that was: to fight through the lag, to get to Curio Obscura and to buy all of the three new hairstyles I had seen in sneak preview pics on the fashion feeds. And even though these hairs have been blogged so many times already, they are just too good not to be blogged once more!

Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head!

This style is called “Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head” and is definitely my favourite one. All three styles are fully customisable for colour, size, volume, bows etc. But this one even gives you options for the type of flowers, ranging from spring to gothic, and offers six different types of cake for each layer of cake! Hmm, does the strawberry cake go with my lipstick..?? Best of all: If somebody clicks on a cake, they are offered a piece of it on a plate and a fork!! How great is that?!

“Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head” is available for $L450. 50% of sales for each style go to the charity “Locks of Love”.

Skin: Belleza – Belle Pale 4 Smokey Cherries
Pose: LAP – Splat (Summer Daze Set)



The Wacky World of Curio Obscura! June 10, 2008

Step right up ladies and gents to see the most stupendous, astonishing, extraordinary, wondrous phenomenon known only as *drum roll*… CURIO OBSCURA!!!! Ok, a little dramatic perhaps, but the tone of the place calls for a little dramz. This unusual store caters to the strange and quirky, but particularly those interested in the Steampunk subculture. What is this Steampunk you speak of crazy Bella, you ask? Well I’m not an expert but to sum it up, it’s a fantasy world in which steam power is used and set in a Victorian style era. Technology is filled with gadgets made of clockwork,copper and steam. But that’s not all together the point here; the point is that Pandora Wrigglesworth has made the coolest, most original gadgets and weirdness I have ever witnessed in Second Life®. We are talking Top hats containing a tiny old-fashion camera that follows your ACTUAL cam view that you are using, so others can see where you’re looking (WARNING: no up-skirting, you’ll be caught! PERVS, hehe). Then there is the Horseless Gown that looks like a Victorian-style skirt but is actually a vehicle! You have to go see for yourself to believe me, but this place is well worth a visit just to gawk in awe. As an extra special bonus (since I know you are all cheap-arses like your’s truly) There is an AWESOME freebie table! So what are you waiting for? Hop on your steam-powered broomstick or jump on your giant stilts and get over there! Wait, you don’t have any of those things? Well then you REALLY need to visit and get some for your own! And if you want to learn more before your visit, travel over to the Curio Obscura website and stare in amazement. Have fun!

Tiny Hat with Bows, Sausage Curls Galore, free Copper Tights and Free Clockwork Mustache all by Curio Obscura