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Dork of the week – we are having a break October 1, 2008

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Hiya, fellow dorkettes and dorks! We decided to take a break from our weekly “Dork of the Week” contest, as it seems so difficult for us at the moment to get together and judge the pictures. But don’t worry, we will start it again at some point and also we are planning to have some themed photo contests with prizes instead. Stay tuned and please do keep submitting your silly pictures to the Flickr group!!


(Late) Dork of the Week: Zimmy Weezles! September 23, 2008

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So yea, we are having an apparent pattern with Tuesday’s DOTW. Sorry about that! This might have to be permanent but we’ll decide that soon. On to the good news…
Our Dork today has a wicked sense of humor apparent in her photos. We thought this caught-in-the-act shot (harharhar) was pretty clever. You may look cute, but not so innocent :). Check out the rest of Zimmy Weezles stream here. So congrats Zimmy, and don’t forget to join our in-world group for a very special Dorky title that’s all yours for a week! Keep the funnies coming guys and stay tuned for a future contest with cash prizes, YAY!

I didn't do it!


Dork of the Week: Sakuradawn*Lei! September 16, 2008

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Hola dorks! Yeah yeah yeah, we know, we’re late again….but we have a good excuse….ok no we don’t, I lied 😛 Anywho we finally did choose a dork of the week, Sakuradawn*Lei for her pic entitled Fishing…..Yer Doin It WRONG! We’ve all been the victim of this unfortunate poseball mishap. Let’s just hope all of yours were as funny as this and not in the middle of some nakie time! You guys rock and your pics always have us LOL-ing…so keep them coming! We are entertaining the thought of changing the day we announce the winner to another week day as Monday’s seem to be a difficult day for us all to get together to pick. We’ll make sure to let you know if/when we make that decision. Hope you all have a great week and take lots of funny pics to submit!!

Check out the rest of Sakuradawn*lei’s flickr stream to see some more of her great photos.

Fishing...yer doin it WRONG!!!


Dork Of The Week: RayRay Shippe! September 8, 2008

YAY! Miss Ray came through as the Dorkiest in all the land this week, and it was only a matter of time really *winks*. She made us roll around like idiots and I think I even may have peed my pants a little at the site of Gender Bender in Wonderland. She even dragged her poor poor hubby into the pic and swapped roles for a hilarious take on Alice in Wonderland. Our dorky Mad Hatter’s face is priceless… but not QUITE as priceless as Shawn’s in his pretty pretty dress and obviously thrilled about it, LOL! Check out the rest of Ray’s stream and also if you are a Sims 2 fan, check out her stories on the main site. This recently transplanted pair have found their niche in our little version of Wonderland and I’m glad they are here to stay. ❤ BALLS <3!!!! (see Dorkionary for that Bellaism)

And don’t forget Ray, you are the proud new owner of your very special title in world in the Who Let the Dorks Out group. Keep those entries coming guys, you are crackin us up!!!!

Gender Bender In Wonderland


Dork of the Week: Creamy Cooljoke! August 26, 2008

Hola dorks, Flickrites and hopefully recently converted or long-time Plurkies 🙂 (We 3 have recently become addicts). Sorry for the delay in announcing, RL is a bit busy at the moment, but we are here to announce the dorkiest in all the land….drumroll please….. CREAMY COOLJOKE! Most of you know our leetle Creamzilla from the Free*Style website/group/store. We’ve loved all the witty and humorous shots that have made their way into our pool, but she really out-did herself this week with PandasRus. SRSLY! Not only did she make these craptacular panda skins (hey I actually think they are adorable, she called them crap!) but she’s doing her civil service on the grid to keep the lag down with the Free*Style hunt going on until the end of the week. These shots excluded, lol, I mean the skin in all its nekkid glory. You also could sport this avi at Hair Fair with pride! Pick it up at the hunt for FREE. Creamz is hilarious and a sweetheart to boot, but we know you all already lover her. How could you not? So go check out her stream and keep reading what Creamy and all of the other loverly Freestylers bring us in the future. Thank you all again for your awesome entries, and keep them coming for next week! Remember, its the Second Life: Who Let the Dorks Out? Flickr Group, so if you haven’t joined already, what are you waiting for? GO NAO! ❤



Dork of the week: Yuvi Robbiani! August 18, 2008

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Dear dorkettes and dorks, it is time for Dork of the Week again! It wasn’t easy (it never is!), but finally we picked somebody who managed to combine creativity, art and sillyness all in one image: Yuvi Robbiani! Not only did we love the eggs by themselves, but also her pose imitating the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in the background. “Elegant in Eggs” it could be called, or simply “Girl with her Dorky Side up”. Awesome work, Yuvi! 🙂

Yuvi Robbiani

Check out Yuvi’s photostream for more dorky pictures.


Dork of the Week: Alabama Smalls! August 11, 2008

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I apologize for a dorkless week but guess what, the trio is reunited and is planning some fun to be had soon! It just so happens that all 3 of us have rezdays within a month of one another and will be celebrating with a Dorkbash soon! So stay tuned.

Okay, now on to what is really important; Dork of the Week! I’m so pleased to announce that our winner this week is also my BFF Jill, BAMA!!!! This may seem bias of me, but I swearz the others picked her photo before I was back in the game. And really, who can argue with the funny in A) the funniest, fappiest gesture in all of SL, and B) some extra cushion for the pushin with a few more cushions strapped on. No one, thats who! So congrats Bama, we could hear the faptasticness from here :). Check out the rest of Alabama’s stream here, as the girl is crazy talented and very unique in how she views our virtual world. You’re title as the dorkiest in all the land is awaiting mah lady in the Who Let the Dorks Out group in-world. I can’t wait for another week of you guys making me laugh ’til I cry!

blub blub