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Free Zombification October 12, 2009

Quick quick post to say, if you didn’t hear yet, head over to Dernier Cri NOW. There is a free zombie av for Halloween. Eyes, skin, hair, shape, boots and outfit are all included. Plus the Dorkette fav from last year, their bumble bee costume, is out again for free. Go grab it up and take pics at Zombiefest before it takes the big sleep! And send them to the Hot For Zombies Flickr group to enter the contest.

Dernier Cri Freebie Zombie Av

shape is my own, not the one included
pose- Olive Juice: braaaiiiins!
taken at Zombiefest!


pose- Olive Juice: Paper, Snow, A GHOST!


How to find interesting places in Second Life August 2, 2009

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As I am on holiday at the moment, my internet access is limited to my netbook. I managed to get SL running on it by following to ::Snowy Hoobinoo’s:: instructions, but because it is still very slow and the graphics are bad, I hardly use it. Instead I would like to blog some of the web resources I use to find new and interesting places in Second Life.

I always appreciate it when people add SLURLs to their images so that others can visit these beautiful spots as well. “::Koinup Places::” is probably the biggest SLURL directory I know and I love how all pictures of one place are combined into a slideshow. Koinup also lists the “coolest” and “recently discovered” places and provides an ::illustrated guide: on how to obtain SLURLs.

On Flickr there are a number of groups where SL explorers can send their pictures of beautiful places, as long as they include SLURLs or sim names.

Of course, one way to explore SL is to click randomly on the big map. The Flickr group “::Maps of SL::” collects screenshots of interesting SL aerial views and sims.

Some of my Flickr contacts are “Great Explorers” and their photostreams are an endless source of inspiration – everytime I browse through them I end up with a list of places I have to see!

There are a number of websites exclusively dedicated to describing SL’s best places, and I am sure that I either forgot some or that I don’t know all of them. If you have any additions, please post them in the comments!

Of course this list would not be complete without ::Not Possible IRL:: – I would strongly recommend to join the in-world group to receive the notecards containing even more SLURLs and info about amazing installations.

Enjoy exploring! 🙂


Dork of DOOM Contest! October 14, 2008

Dork of Doom! Contest
Oh haiiiii spooks and spookettes! It’s that time of year again, where the SLers go even MORE crazy with costumes and fun. Yes, Halloween is upon us and what better way to show off your spirit (harharhar) than a good ol’ fashion contest. Well, this isn’t your everyday contest mind you, it had to have a dork twist. So, between right this very second and midnight, October 29th, we want you to submit your festive pics to our Flickr Group pool of all things dorky about Halloween. What could that be you ask? Well we want you to get creative, but the tone should be something funny/bloopers/gesturetarding/trick-or-treat shenanigans/silly costumes/unique costumes, and on and on and on. The winners will be announced Thursday, October 30th; First Prize getting 300L and Second Prize recieving 150L. We promised you a contest and can’t wait to see what you come up with! So go get your Halloweenie fun on and send in your pics :).

EDIT: So we know the difference between entries and non-entries for this contest, please tag your photo with “dork of doom”. If you already posted one, just add a tag. Thanks everyone can’t wait!


(Late) Dork of the Week: Zimmy Weezles! September 23, 2008

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So yea, we are having an apparent pattern with Tuesday’s DOTW. Sorry about that! This might have to be permanent but we’ll decide that soon. On to the good news…
Our Dork today has a wicked sense of humor apparent in her photos. We thought this caught-in-the-act shot (harharhar) was pretty clever. You may look cute, but not so innocent :). Check out the rest of Zimmy Weezles stream here. So congrats Zimmy, and don’t forget to join our in-world group for a very special Dorky title that’s all yours for a week! Keep the funnies coming guys and stay tuned for a future contest with cash prizes, YAY!

I didn't do it!


Dork of the Week: Creamy Cooljoke! August 26, 2008

Hola dorks, Flickrites and hopefully recently converted or long-time Plurkies 🙂 (We 3 have recently become addicts). Sorry for the delay in announcing, RL is a bit busy at the moment, but we are here to announce the dorkiest in all the land….drumroll please….. CREAMY COOLJOKE! Most of you know our leetle Creamzilla from the Free*Style website/group/store. We’ve loved all the witty and humorous shots that have made their way into our pool, but she really out-did herself this week with PandasRus. SRSLY! Not only did she make these craptacular panda skins (hey I actually think they are adorable, she called them crap!) but she’s doing her civil service on the grid to keep the lag down with the Free*Style hunt going on until the end of the week. These shots excluded, lol, I mean the skin in all its nekkid glory. You also could sport this avi at Hair Fair with pride! Pick it up at the hunt for FREE. Creamz is hilarious and a sweetheart to boot, but we know you all already lover her. How could you not? So go check out her stream and keep reading what Creamy and all of the other loverly Freestylers bring us in the future. Thank you all again for your awesome entries, and keep them coming for next week! Remember, its the Second Life: Who Let the Dorks Out? Flickr Group, so if you haven’t joined already, what are you waiting for? GO NAO! ❤



Good Times at Paradise Isle August 18, 2008

Arrrrgh maytees! Surely if you have heard of a good time, you have heard of Fat Fannies and Paradise Pier by now. Well, if you haven’t that’s what Bellers is here for, so let me show you the way to fun had by all.

Maiden of Fat Fannies

First off, though I do fancy my pirate voice, I save it for special occasions like sharing with you the newest hot spot on the grid. Fat Fannies is a new club ran by one Miss Glamouramama Boa, but you’ll call her Madam Glam if you know what’s good for you! I keed, I keed. Glammy is not only one of the sweetest gals around and one of the first people I met in this crazy world we call SL, but her club is FANTASTIC! There is constantly a party happening there with costume contests, prizes, raffles and more. The more being awesome DJs with all sorts of music themes and requests, great hosts and sexeh gals shakin what their sliders gave them in a very cute, tongue-in-cheek style. It’s a really good time, plain and simple and always packed with fun peeps. Check the website and join the ❤ Fat Fannies ❤ group in-world for schedules and details.

[The Madam herself, Glammy!]



Dork of the Week: Alabama Smalls! August 11, 2008

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I apologize for a dorkless week but guess what, the trio is reunited and is planning some fun to be had soon! It just so happens that all 3 of us have rezdays within a month of one another and will be celebrating with a Dorkbash soon! So stay tuned.

Okay, now on to what is really important; Dork of the Week! I’m so pleased to announce that our winner this week is also my BFF Jill, BAMA!!!! This may seem bias of me, but I swearz the others picked her photo before I was back in the game. And really, who can argue with the funny in A) the funniest, fappiest gesture in all of SL, and B) some extra cushion for the pushin with a few more cushions strapped on. No one, thats who! So congrats Bama, we could hear the faptasticness from here :). Check out the rest of Alabama’s stream here, as the girl is crazy talented and very unique in how she views our virtual world. You’re title as the dorkiest in all the land is awaiting mah lady in the Who Let the Dorks Out group in-world. I can’t wait for another week of you guys making me laugh ’til I cry!

blub blub