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Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head! June 24, 2009

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Nobody likes a hair in their pudding, but how do you feel about cakes in your hair? If you have a weakness for sweet things, you will enjoy this year’s Hair Fair , which takes place on four sims and combines candy goodness with tons and tons of cute hair styles – and all for charity! So far I only had time for a quick stroll through the little chocolate and candy booths, snatching a few demos and trying to resist the urge to go into the kitchen and rescue all those lonely calories in the sweets drawer. I had one main goal however, and that was: to fight through the lag, to get to Curio Obscura and to buy all of the three new hairstyles I had seen in sneak preview pics on the fashion feeds. And even though these hairs have been blogged so many times already, they are just too good not to be blogged once more!

Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head!

This style is called “Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head” and is definitely my favourite one. All three styles are fully customisable for colour, size, volume, bows etc. But this one even gives you options for the type of flowers, ranging from spring to gothic, and offers six different types of cake for each layer of cake! Hmm, does the strawberry cake go with my lipstick..?? Best of all: If somebody clicks on a cake, they are offered a piece of it on a plate and a fork!! How great is that?!

“Let Them Eat Cake Off Your Head” is available for $L450. 50% of sales for each style go to the charity “Locks of Love”.

Skin: Belleza – Belle Pale 4 Smokey Cherries
Pose: LAP – Splat (Summer Daze Set)



Hair Fair 2008 – Flow It, Show It August 31, 2008

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I did not manage to see everything at Hair Fair yet and I know that I am still missing out on some goodies, so I definitely need to go there again. These are four of my favourite hair styles I brought home this time. I decided to create outfits around BareRose’s “Velvetica” gown. This beautiful dress comes in a fatpack with five colours and is a true bargain at $L140!

Blue Velvet

Hair: “flm800” by booN (animated flame hair)
Dress: “Velvetica Blue” by BareRose
Skin: “Shimmering” by Frick
Pose: “BaddaBing” by Long Awkward Pose


Hair Fair Challenge August 29, 2008

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Hair Fair has been going on for a while now and finally I also managed to go there tonight. Surprisingly, it was quite empty and there was as almost no lag at all. So the prim-free outfit I had designed for the Hair Fair Challenge in response to Bella’s post would not really have been necessary. I’ll share it anyway, because the next lag will certainly come soon!

Hair Fair Challenge

Skin by Frick (Geisha – group gift)
Silver Disco Outift by Freda’s Fine Fashion


Hair Fair Challenge August 23, 2008

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Achariya Rezak had a great idea for a blog challenge, which was to try and put together a look that was prim-free but still cool. Why you ask? Well, as you know, Hair Fair is in full swing and from what I hear the lag surpasses any event to date! Yes, I said I “hear” because I’m too chicken to brave the pea-soup of fluffy clouds and gray blobs. But I did take that time to try my hand at putting together an all system outfit, and of course…. took it as a shopping opportunity. I must have folders and folders full of cute hand drawn clothes from creators like Twosome, Fashionably Dead, Tres Blah, Nylon Outfitters and on and on. But being the shopping-addict that I am I thought to myself “hmmm, haven’t been to Nylon’s in a while… SHOPPING!”. Ugh, halp! So here are two looks I came up with and left the creativity up to Nylon. I have seen some very well put together looks, like the adorably chic Candy Lemmon over on Red-Headed Step-Child…. but it was late and my preggers bum is brain-dead most of the time. Since I’m a prim lash addict, I had to make sure and throw on my Mia skins, always a fav, because with eyeshadow and details like that… giiiirl you don’t even need lashes! OKAY, enough excuses, here ya go. I hope to see some looks from my other sisters in dorkiness *wink wink nudge nudge*.

Hair Fair Challenge

(NO) Bananna Smoothie Jacket Set
Mia #6 skin by MiaSnow @MiaSofia
Laqroki mani

Hair Fair Challenge 2

(NO) Country Vacation top and necklace
Tres Blah Jeans in Sunny
Mia #4 Skin by MiaSnow @MiaSofia
Laqroki Pedi

Challenge yourself to lag-free fashion so we can all grab our freebies and new hurrdos in peace ladies! OH, and check your fav creators blogs and stores, many have demos available at store locations and On Rez to save you the hassle. Have fun!