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Dork of the Week: joordi!!! May 19, 2008

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Well this just got about a billion times harder this week to choose! We had SO many wonderful entries and you guys had us all wavin’ in the ROFLcopters for a safe landing! It COULD have something to do with the fact that we officially have over 1000 hits as of this morning!!! *does her happy jig all over the blog* Oops! Watch your heads Fi and Pau! Ok, I’m done nerding out for a minute and let me just thank you all so much again for all the pictures, kind words and support! You are making this blog SO much fun for us to do!

So I’ll get to the goodness, and that is this little gem here. Joordi is an AMAZING artist that I have personally fallen in love with almost every piece she posts. She is so original in her compositions and use of lyrics to accompany a lot of her work. But the part that makes us love her most is that she turns silly into works of art in a refreshing and beautiful way! I love the little dialogue with this Bunneh pic and shows her dorky sense of humor. So thank you Joordi, and to all of you! Please keep them coming kids 😀

u are veggie, right?

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