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Olive Juice does SLDD *dances like an idiot* May 21, 2010

Olive Juice- Barrel of Poses
If you haven’t joined SLDD yet, you most definitely should. It’s this fantastic shoppers club that has different price options, and you get to snag exclusive deals and sometimes exclusive items EVERY SINGLE DAY! Today happens to to Olive Juice‘s turn for the 50% off item, YAY! This “Barrel of Poses” is just what it sounds like. It comes packed with 8 static poses, fully adjustable to fit your av, easy touch menu built-in and 7 prims with sculpted flowers or only 2 without. Both options are included to blend in with your summer or spring decor. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did making it.

Just make sure your SLDD card is attatched, and choose ‘pay’ from the menu. If you aren’t a member, sign up right in the Olive Juice store at the Shopper Register Sign in the front-left hand side when you walk in. That’s it! Fun times at half the price, weeeee!

Visit Olive Juice’s Mainstore to grab it!


Butterdish Goodness October 15, 2009

I’m pretty ass-terrible at finding new places on the grid. I rely heavily on my fellow dorkette, Paulina Oceanlane, to be my guide and also squee like a schoolgirl when Naxos Loon throws me an LM. I always know it’s going to be good, and the monkey delivered again! So I apologize if you guys already know all about Butterdish, but I couldn’t help but share!

Olive Juice in Butterdish... yum?
(Pose: Olive Juice– Here Comes the Sun)

Butterdish reminds me a lot of AM Radio’s nostalgic feel he gives his installments. You TP in, and you are on a road in the middle of BFE Midwest America circa 1923. It’s tornado season, and there is a mother of one circling the land. But there is a calmness and serenity to this storm’s surroundings. It’s peaceful, even with cows and fence posts flying through the air. There is a surreal beauty in Butterdish that makes you hold your breath. Light beams over the lush green pastures where cows are grazing and rain is falling. A lone tractor is abandoned in a wheat field, and a farmhouse sits vacant next to a quaint little pond. It all paints a lovely scene that makes you feel like you’re inside a painting.

Olive Juice in Butterdish... yum?
(Pose: Olive Juice– You Really Shouldn’t Drink Before Noon)



Dork of the Week: Creamy Cooljoke! August 26, 2008

Hola dorks, Flickrites and hopefully recently converted or long-time Plurkies 🙂 (We 3 have recently become addicts). Sorry for the delay in announcing, RL is a bit busy at the moment, but we are here to announce the dorkiest in all the land….drumroll please….. CREAMY COOLJOKE! Most of you know our leetle Creamzilla from the Free*Style website/group/store. We’ve loved all the witty and humorous shots that have made their way into our pool, but she really out-did herself this week with PandasRus. SRSLY! Not only did she make these craptacular panda skins (hey I actually think they are adorable, she called them crap!) but she’s doing her civil service on the grid to keep the lag down with the Free*Style hunt going on until the end of the week. These shots excluded, lol, I mean the skin in all its nekkid glory. You also could sport this avi at Hair Fair with pride! Pick it up at the hunt for FREE. Creamz is hilarious and a sweetheart to boot, but we know you all already lover her. How could you not? So go check out her stream and keep reading what Creamy and all of the other loverly Freestylers bring us in the future. Thank you all again for your awesome entries, and keep them coming for next week! Remember, its the Second Life: Who Let the Dorks Out? Flickr Group, so if you haven’t joined already, what are you waiting for? GO NAO! ❤



Your Lolcat… Plz Show Us It July 8, 2008

One thing that I’ve found quite a few SLers have in common is the almighty Lolcat. Lolspeak has overthrown our grammar and icanhascheezburger.com has been banned from our workplaces because of…. well, us… checking every 15 mins for the best LOL of the day. SO, I got to thinking that we need a LOLtest! That was a horrid attempt at saying we need a contest where you make your own Lolcat picture out of an SL snap, enter it in the Second Life@: Who Let the Dorks Out? Flickr group pool and the winner takes 500L! It’s really easy with the help of fd’s Flickr Toys; you just upload a photo, write a caption and link it to your Flickr page. You have TWO weeks to get your LOL on and instead of Dork Of The Week on July 21st, we will have a Loldork Of Teh Week! You don’t have to BE a cat, just take any funny snap that you can match a witty caption (or capshun if we are being authentic here) with and run it through fd’s Flickr Toys. If you are new to the whole Lolcat phenomenon, you are NOT shunned from this contest. Just brush up on your icanhascheezburger.com and you will get the idea of typical captions (I.E. Ceiling Cat vs. Basement Cat, broken english, flavor, etc). Thats it! So we look forward to your entries, and remember the winner gets 500 lalas.

P.S. Next week we will still have a regular Dork Of The Week so keep sending us your silly and fun pics as well 🙂

mah lolcat… let me show you it


Threesomes are overrated… June 20, 2008

Especially when this Twosome is so amazing! *harharhar* Shelby Wrangler and Visa Volare are the dynamic duo behind one of my favorite stores in SL; Twosome. They make the most amazing hand-drawn clothes that are fun, colorful, original and have a personality of their own. I’m a big fan of layering (thats code for I look like my toddler picked out my wardrobe), and these gals have people like me in mind because they make their clothing complete with every single layer available! No more belly shirts if you don’t want one, and now you can wear TWO pairs of socks! The second you step foot in the place, the eye-candy calling your name will make you want to buy everything in site…. the good part is, you can! Everything in Twosome is SO super affordable it’s pure MADNESS! There are also some of the cutest, most creative poses by Visa that I use all the time for pics. And boys, there are even a few items for you so no worries! You too can look all awesomesauce :). Okay, enough babbling Bella and on to the outfits!

Twosome Sign
Twosome- Early Summer Top- Gold
Twosome- Lingonberry Shorts- old group freebie
Twosome Pose- Twist
Other Items:
BP* Big Boom Hair
Jewelry 69 Candy dollarbie
MiaSnow Skin – Mia Skin 6