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It’s all in the name of science August 3, 2010

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This is a quick hello from me. I have logged in a few times in the last weeks but still didn’t manage to find inspiration again. One of the reasons surely is that things have been rezzing soo slowly. I experimented with different viewers (e.g. Kirsten Viewer) but I felt too impatient to adjust to a new viewer interface with buttons being at different places, more settings, and so I gave up on that.

However, I just wanted to quickly share a link to a new SL blog with you, which has been created by Marian Dragovar and
Alarren Fede. It immediately became one of my favourite blogs because it is a brilliant fusion between randomness, hilariousness and intelligent analysis: “Crotches of SL – Where crotches are examined and exposed in the name of science.”

In effort to continue on in the spirit of progress and innovation, I have decided to double post in honor of our blog grand opening. It is my sincere hope that this blog becomes the most popular blog about Second Life and issues of world peace in the whole world, and if not in the whole world, then at least in the Midwest region of the Unite States of America.

Speaking of the Midwest, here is a fairy crotch which has been accented by tastefully arranged insects and arachnid silk ornamentation.

Fairy crotch

The “submit a crotch” form is a must-read.

We accept the following types of crotches:

1. A crotch with an interesting organic and physical shape – one that provokes a viewer response. Whether said response is positive or negative is immaterial; it is the psycho-emotional reaction that is of chief interest here at Crotches of Second Life.


4. Special crotches – We like to look at crotches with special appeal, unusual ornamentation, fantasy crotches, crotches of rare animals and entities, crotches of aliens or beasts. Laps made of magic and science, oddly shaped, mutated, or evolved pubic regions — or anything that is out of the ordinary or a diversion from the standard expectations for the crotch.

5. Cultural crotches, crotches which convey significant cultural symbolism or display meaning from a distinctly ethnic perspective. Crotches used in spiritual and social ritual, crotches of distinct origins, exotic crotches, worldly crotches, any sort of crotch which conveys a sentiment of unique ethnic heritage.

Go and visit Crotches of SL now and contribute to World Peace!


Dork of DOOM Contest! October 14, 2008

Dork of Doom! Contest
Oh haiiiii spooks and spookettes! It’s that time of year again, where the SLers go even MORE crazy with costumes and fun. Yes, Halloween is upon us and what better way to show off your spirit (harharhar) than a good ol’ fashion contest. Well, this isn’t your everyday contest mind you, it had to have a dork twist. So, between right this very second and midnight, October 29th, we want you to submit your festive pics to our Flickr Group pool of all things dorky about Halloween. What could that be you ask? Well we want you to get creative, but the tone should be something funny/bloopers/gesturetarding/trick-or-treat shenanigans/silly costumes/unique costumes, and on and on and on. The winners will be announced Thursday, October 30th; First Prize getting 300L and Second Prize recieving 150L. We promised you a contest and can’t wait to see what you come up with! So go get your Halloweenie fun on and send in your pics :).

EDIT: So we know the difference between entries and non-entries for this contest, please tag your photo with “dork of doom”. If you already posted one, just add a tag. Thanks everyone can’t wait!


The Wacky World of Curio Obscura! June 10, 2008

Step right up ladies and gents to see the most stupendous, astonishing, extraordinary, wondrous phenomenon known only as *drum roll*… CURIO OBSCURA!!!! Ok, a little dramatic perhaps, but the tone of the place calls for a little dramz. This unusual store caters to the strange and quirky, but particularly those interested in the Steampunk subculture. What is this Steampunk you speak of crazy Bella, you ask? Well I’m not an expert but to sum it up, it’s a fantasy world in which steam power is used and set in a Victorian style era. Technology is filled with gadgets made of clockwork,copper and steam. But that’s not all together the point here; the point is that Pandora Wrigglesworth has made the coolest, most original gadgets and weirdness I have ever witnessed in Second Life®. We are talking Top hats containing a tiny old-fashion camera that follows your ACTUAL cam view that you are using, so others can see where you’re looking (WARNING: no up-skirting, you’ll be caught! PERVS, hehe). Then there is the Horseless Gown that looks like a Victorian-style skirt but is actually a vehicle! You have to go see for yourself to believe me, but this place is well worth a visit just to gawk in awe. As an extra special bonus (since I know you are all cheap-arses like your’s truly) There is an AWESOME freebie table! So what are you waiting for? Hop on your steam-powered broomstick or jump on your giant stilts and get over there! Wait, you don’t have any of those things? Well then you REALLY need to visit and get some for your own! And if you want to learn more before your visit, travel over to the Curio Obscura website and stare in amazement. Have fun!

Tiny Hat with Bows, Sausage Curls Galore, free Copper Tights and Free Clockwork Mustache all by Curio Obscura



Tees Me baby! June 2, 2008

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Hey dorks and dorkettes! This will be a short post to day as I’m most likely legally brain-dead. Let’s just say that a certain one year old crib Houdini has given me a run for my money all weekend! God bless him, he’s determined. So…. here is an idea I’ve been working on for a while. I’m a huge fan of silly, funny, witty t-shirts in RL and in SL. It makes me feel like I put effort into an outfit when I just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, let alone get all cute. I figure if you see all the cleverness on my chest, you’ll ignore the ratty mess on my head. Now I’m rambling so lets cut to the chase. I’ve put together an easy ‘connect the number to the slurl’ set of pics with a few of my favorite SL tees. I have SO many more but this is a nice diverse collection that will lead you to the stores so you can go buy more! So, I’ll shut it and show you ze goods:

(WARNING: some of these shirts don’t include the cleanest of language, but come on, it’s funny stuff!)

Tees Me!



U can has cheezburger tooz! May 8, 2008

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Alright, so this isn’t SL related, but I’m thinking of making a lolcat day in our blog. Maybe like a weekly lolcat that gave us a chuckle to share with you nutbars. I probably should check with the others first but this just made me LOLROFLLMAOBUAHAHA outloud in teh RL right now. My dog is doing her cocked-head shock-and-awe look that she gives me when she is puzzled by my antics. She doesn’t get my interwebz addiction either…. I digress…

more cat pictures


Ridin’ Nerdi May 6, 2008

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Hello there Dork reader(s)…. I’m not assuming there is more than one of you out there quite yet *winks and waves to her roomie Alabama*. Ok, enough of that. Today I am going to take you to a magical shop called Nerdi. Creator, Nerd Mumfuzz, is new to retail but a long time and talented builder. Her perfected craft shows in her awesome stuffage, but beyond being amazing…. ITS SILLY!!!! If you are a fan of old skool Nintendo and all things 80’s, you MUST visit soon. She has things like an Operation Game Belt, Pimp Wagon with cute poses, Duck Hunter Belt, Mushroom Glasses and more. I’ll cut the small talk and just show you some of the goods and link ya so you can see for yourself. I should also mention she set out a Pac-man shaped freebie box full of silly gestures and animations, YAY!!!!! I know my fellow dorks will appreciate that. All the rest of her stuff is super affordable for the non-workin avi and totes worth it. GO NAO, KTHXBAI!

Visit Nerdi today!

Ridin Nerdi