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Walking in a Winter Wonderland January 3, 2011

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Snowflakes fall, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening.
A beautiful sight, I’m happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Where fox and rabbit say good night

In the meadow I can build a snow fox,
And a little rabbit to the right.
They’ll say “Are you tired?”, I say “No way!
But how about you go home for the night?”

Frolicking in a Winter Wonderland

When it snows, ain’t it thrilling,
Though my nose gets a chilling.
I’ll frolic and play the dorkettes’ way
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Winter Wonderland

Walking in a winter wonderland.
Walking in a winter wonderland!

Syzygy’s Icy Beach:[SLURL].
Poses by Olive Juice [SLURL].


Day 15: Winter at Fruit Islands December 15, 2009

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Winter at Fruit Islands


Day 7: Adrift December 7, 2009

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This iceberg for one is called “Alone & Adrift”, by Whimsy WInx of W. Winx. You can grab it here. It comes with 4 individual icebergs that have different poses to go with each, and rotate. Plus they are copy and only 50L for the set! A great deal, and a small part of her cool holiday decor. Go check it out! *shivers and wonders where her paddles went*

Hair- Fascino: Titty (auburn)
Hat- Kurotsubaki: Knit Beret Group Gift
Blouse- !Ohmai: Basic Puff Blouse (nudist)
Undershirt- Twosome: Longshirt Top (oldrose)
Stole- Miu: Stole Pink Flower
Gloves- Twosome Gatcha Gloves (brown stripes)
Jeans- Fresh Trash: Basic Jeans (dark wash)
Boots- J’s Western Boots (dark brown)
Skin- *Bean: Babushka-ya-ya Halloween Group Gift


Day 5: I’m dreaming of a white christmas… December 5, 2009

…but I have the feeling that the rain is going to last until the new year! At least in SL I can have every virtual weather I want and I can even carry it around on my head!

Snow scenery

When you click this cute winter hat from Little Girl Shop it sings the first line of “White Christmas” and starts to emit snow particles. “Little Girl Shop” has tons of cute pets and dolls (see also Fi’s post from last year here), like fluffy rabbits hanging on a balloon and flying around you, or little dolls sitting on your shoulder or hair. Like this hat, most of them are transferable.

“Doll – Christmas” from “Little Girl Shop” [SLURL].
Hair “Polly” by Truth [SLURL].
Skin “Neko – Goth Snow Leopard” by Frick [SLURL].
Lashes “Seductress” by LeLutka [SLURL].
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available).
Pose “Doot Doot” by LAP [SLURL].
Picture taken at Concrete Flowers


Day 1: It’s beginning to look a lot like Dorkmas December 1, 2009

When I was small, I had an advent calendar every year and I always behaved and didn’t eat all the chocolates on the first day. The most precious calendars were the ones which my mother had lovingly filled with small presents. I vividly remember the joy I felt one year when one of the little bags contained all the missing stickers from my Panini “Barbie” sticker album (yes, I always liked to play dressing up dolls).

We cannot give you chocolates but we have put together a Dork Advent Calendar and are going to show you every day until christmas a new silly or quirky item to make your SL winter more fun. You will have to buy the things yourself though, sorry!! 😀

Christmas Elf Girl

I am no fashionista and would be totally overstrained to put together a stylish winter outfit every day. So when I discovered this adorable “Christmas Elf Girl” created by Gocha Merlin from !go! avatars, I knew that she was the perfect choice to present some of the wintery dorkiness. Everything you see (clothes, shape, skin, hair) comes with the package and in my opinion fully justifies the price of $L599. The outfit can be worn as sweater with trousers or with one of the two skirt options and it also comes with a vest, the pockets fully packed with candy canes. Look at the christmas lights wrapped around the hat, underneath them are childrens’ letters to Santa. 😀

Christmas Elf

She also has an animated bell and her own cute AO, an animated (detachable) smile and even animated winter breath! For the boys there is a version in the same style available. Watching the Christmas Elf how she skips through the snow, does a little dance and then puts on a big smile makes me smile too every time. By the way, these pictures were taken at callie cline’s “Winter Magic” and you can buy all the beautiful winter plants and other things to decorate your home!

And now would you please excuse me, I have to leave and deliver those wishlists to Santa!

“Christmas Elf Girl” by !go! avatars [SLURL]
Location: “Winter Magic” by callie cline [SLURL]
Pose in second picture : “Cool” by Twosome [SLURL]