Who let the dorks out?

Olive Juice does SLDD *dances like an idiot* May 21, 2010

Olive Juice- Barrel of Poses
If you haven’t joined SLDD yet, you most definitely should. It’s this fantastic shoppers club that has different price options, and you get to snag exclusive deals and sometimes exclusive items EVERY SINGLE DAY! Today happens to to Olive Juice‘s turn for the 50% off item, YAY! This “Barrel of Poses” is just what it sounds like. It comes packed with 8 static poses, fully adjustable to fit your av, easy touch menu built-in and 7 prims with sculpted flowers or only 2 without. Both options are included to blend in with your summer or spring decor. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did making it.

Just make sure your SLDD card is attatched, and choose ‘pay’ from the menu. If you aren’t a member, sign up right in the Olive Juice store at the Shopper Register Sign in the front-left hand side when you walk in. That’s it! Fun times at half the price, weeeee!

Visit Olive Juice’s Mainstore to grab it!


Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini August 19, 2008

We are in the middle of August, which means summer will soon be officially over (in some countries, like where I live, even before it started at all). Luckily, in SL you will find many places where the sun always shines and the water is always warm enough to take a dip. If you need some inspiration on how to look best or want to add to your existing beach wardrobe (or are just looking for a good excuse to go shopping!!), take a look at our bikini special, in which we will show you a selection of our favourite beachwear and accessories.

Paradise Padre
We packed our things and teleported over to Paradise Padre Beach. This place is a little undiscovered gem, because it not only offers nice little spots to relax, but also lots of fun and action. Ride the giant tube slide, dive from the vulcano, try kite surfing and windsurfing or just hang out in a paddle boat. Everything is free and fun and still there are almost no people (at least not when I went there) and therefore no lag, which is an absolute mystery to me.