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Greetings, Earthlings! November 16, 2009

Some days I fear that I might start to get bored with SL. Some days things just seem to be the same over and over again and I feel as if I can’t bear to see another prim. And then I discover a shop with unique and silly things, or teleport to a place where I lose myself for hours and I remember again what kept me here the last two years. Saturday was such a day and I will show you two of the three great places I found today.

“Altya’s Dream Creations and Toys” [SLURL] sells a wide range of silly toys, avatar attachments and other things you never knew you needed. All items also have a “buy as gift” option, which might come in handy for christmas. I love everything to do with aliens and ufos and therefore could not resist to buy this ufo attachment. It folds your avatar so that only your head remains – floating in a blinking ufo jar. You have to detach all prim attachments and it is advisable to at least wear a bikini (for any accidental unfoldings if the AO should not work). It is modifyable so I guess you might be able to put your own name on the sign. I also bought the other version, which is the same ufo jar on an unicycle, complete with little steam clouds and a working horn. Brilliant!

Avatar head in an ufo jar

Now that I had turned into an alien, I was looking for a nice space sim to take some pictures. In moments like this I miss the now closed “Privateer Space” sim terribly. It broke my heart – and that of many other people – when it shut down, because it was huge and created by Aley Arai with so much humour and attention to detail. When I read the description of Deshima Space Station, a station “existing far away from major space colonies or settlements”, my interest awoke. And when I teleported there, zoomed out and realised just how huge this station was, my excitement grew.

Deshima Space Station


Unidentified Dorky Object May 16, 2008

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I do not only love silly avatars, but also crazy transportation objects of all kind. So you can imagine how delighted I was when I found a free alien abduction vessel created by Lucy Rust on SLExchange. The vessel looks very clamorous from the outside and is incredibly detailed on the inside.

UFO vessel